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  • Just testing,

    I'm trying to send this message to each of my friends. Can I send it to everyone as a group?

    OK, have you looked at the Family History thread? I posted, with test images, about an app which converts the iPad into a portable scanner. Each of you should find this of interest.

    i cannot find the facility to send the post to friends simultaneously. There isn't an obvious cc or group cc link! :(
    Can you please help a new member find the " make a post " button. I seem to be going mad trying to find it as I would like to ask a question in a forum but have no luck.
    Wow! Just noticed you have 13000 posts. Where do you find the time? Love Hayley. 
    Tim I did check further, and yes, the ones that did successfully download are in the "video" section on the iPad. What i don't understand is for example one which had a sequel, which for some reason, even though does show up in movies in iTunes, like the others, will not load to the video app
    I enjoy my Ipad2, but one thing bothers and puzzles me. Often when I tap the back button, the screen goes not to the previous display but to my wife's email (which is separate from mine). Does anyone know why this happens?
    A suggestion was made to contact a mod to see if we can add an education thread to the forum. I would really like the thread to be created. I know there is a great deal of activity occuring around iPad's in education. I can get my company to sponsor the forum, if need be gymmot
    Tim, I am in the Help Thread and I keep noticing that You move items to the help section. Am I missing something? I thought I was in the help section.
    Am I ready for an avatar yet and how do I go about making one? Still not solved Home Sharing problem. Isn't it hard not to brush wrong letters/numbers on keyboard!
    Congratulations, Tim. Are you thinking of heading the Church of Scotland next :D. I am thinking of arranging a visit to the Apple store in Liverpool for a sit down chat as this forum, yourself and Grabriel have got mse hooked!
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