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  1. TillysWilly


    yea i did the same thing but when I go into settings it says the same thing when I try to do it
  2. TillysWilly


    Ok I updated it last night but now everytime I try and and use iCloud backup it says "there was a problem enabling iCloud Backup". Anyone else having this problem at all?
  3. TillysWilly


    Sry won't let me edit
  4. TillysWilly


    Ok iv been trying to download this theme and it keeps giving me this mess and not installing at all on my ipad2
  5. TillysWilly

    Adobe Releases Photoshop Express 2.0 with Camera Pack for iPad 2 and iPhone

    Someone needs to bye and post how it works lol
  6. TillysWilly

    shipped fedex express!

    To me in AL it takes about 3 days Sent from my DROID2 using Tapatalk
  7. TillysWilly

    HDMI out "Mirror" feature

    i wouldnt look for a jailbreak for quit awhile thats a whole new system so its gonna take quit awhile
  8. TillysWilly

    White or black?

    yea i got a black phone, laptop, tv, truck, streetbike and PS3 so bet you can't guess what color im getting WHITE WHITE WHITE
  9. TillysWilly

    Availability - or sellout on first day

    i think im gonna brave the line im gonna wait and see im gonna get there about 330 and see what they look like but im plaining on braving it myself
  10. TillysWilly


    That makes me feel better I was wondering what the bill was gonna be lol
  11. TillysWilly


    Never mind figured it out and that was was set it iPhone for some reason now works like a champ thank you sir
  12. TillysWilly


    How u do that?
  13. TillysWilly


    Ok is there a different browser out there that actually works? That atomic one (paid version) doesnt allow you to post on any forum site out there that I go to!!!! I won't one with the tabs up top like atomic has....any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  14. TillysWilly


    how do you watch a video thats in wmv that someone emails you on your ipad?
  15. TillysWilly

    Post your jailbroken screenshots here

    Well been running this one a few weeks probably gonna change it soon though idk yet