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  1. tigerkraw

    USB Camera Connector and USB Microphones not working in 4.2

    It seems Apple has reduced the voltage output to the USB camera connector with its latest 4.2 Update. Possible solution is to connect a powered USB hub, then USB Microphone For More Information follow this link to 9to5
  2. tigerkraw

    Friends for Bakery Story

    Thanks, I've just started to play BAKERY STORY Please add me. tigerkraw Thanks see you in the game.
  3. tigerkraw

    ZaggMate A New Aluminium Case

    It's good to see a hands on first look at the ZaggMate, Thanks Marilyn (Mickey330) Hopefully there will be a few more Hands on reviews in the next few weeks. I hope to order early next year, first Ipad coming next week, followed by our second in January, most likely the ZaggMate soon after...
  4. tigerkraw

    New Guy from Nevada

    Hi Lowjiber1 Greetings From Australia, I'm a bit of a newbie as well, I'm enjoying my time here on the forums Lots of interesting & Nice People Here, and plenty of informative posts. Enjoy you Stay......Catch you on the forums. :)
  5. tigerkraw

    ZaggMate A New Aluminium Case

    It just gives you the option, to use the Blue-tooth keyboard if you want to Touch Type, much easier for long typing sessions. Or you can just take it out of the case and just use the Ipad as it meant to be. Best of both worlds in one neat package.
  6. tigerkraw

    iTunes Announcement Scheduled for Tomorrow

    Well at least the Beatles, have travelled full circle Apple Music............ The Vinyl Album Age Apple Itunes............Digital Download Age
  7. tigerkraw

    iTunes Announcement Scheduled for Tomorrow

    I was expecting a lot more, than just Beatles added to their Catalogue Most people have already got their own Beatles Music stored on their Itunes library It was one of the worst worldwide over-hyped marketing exercises I've ever seen. Shame Apple, Shame
  8. tigerkraw

    iTunes Announcement Scheduled for Tomorrow

    What would be classed as a major Itunes world event ? Cloud Computing........Yes Live Streaming........... Maybe Subscription...............Maybe Beatles full Catalogue on Itunes............... Only if the above 3 are included as well.
  9. tigerkraw

    iTunes Announcement Scheduled for Tomorrow

    Looking Forward to see what the big Itunes announcement will be. I did the maths on the world clocks, In Australia we will have to wait till 2AM Wednesday morning to find out what happens. Whatever it is, it sounds big, Dare I say Wonderful & Magical :)
  10. tigerkraw

    Is getting a 3G Ipad worth it?

    We will be getting our first Ipad in December with 3G We wanted GPS with our Ipad, and even though we may only use 3g a few hours each month. it will cost us $20 a month prepaid, no fixed contract, so if needed we can quit our 3G provider and just go wireless any time we want.
  11. tigerkraw

    ZaggMate A New Aluminium Case

    Zagg has just unveiled its new Aluminium Case. It comes in two options, Case with a Bluetooth Keyboard $99.99US the other Aluminium Case only, no KeyBoard $69.99US Design-wise it looks very good, and I'm impressed on how its put together. Two links Below, the first is a Youtube video...
  12. tigerkraw

    Mahjong apps

    For Snow White Four Winds Mahjong for iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store For J0yful Aki Mahjong for iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store I hope You like the games. :)
  13. tigerkraw

    Mahjong apps

    Hi Snowwhite I hope you will like this Mahjong game, sounds like what you are looking for I'm unable to post the link, go to itunes store type in " Four Winds Mahjong for iPad " in the search option. I should be able to give you the link in...
  14. tigerkraw

    Greetings from Bendigo Australia

    Hi All My Online Name is tigerkraw, and My wife (Sandy) and I will be getting a Ipad each over the next couple of months, So very much looking forward for Christmas. We both got a Ipod touch a few months ago, and have been using them daily, mostly for Apps, Games and surfing the Net. Ipod...
  15. tigerkraw

    Restaurant Story! Need neighbors

    Please Add Me tigerkraw & sandycom (My Darling wife) Thanks..........From Larry :) Location, Kangaroo Flat, Victoria, Australia :)