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    Love my Apple Pencil!

    I've been using Windows-based tablets for years and the Apple Pencil is hands down the most accurate active stylus I've ever used. It would s accurate and responsive. Ergonomically, the Pencil feels good in my hand, but I wish it was a little shorter, and had an eraser tip like many Wacom...
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    Will the iPad Pro replace your Laptop or your smaller iPad?

    I've been an off and on iPad user since the OG iPad was released (iPad, iPad mini, ipad mini 2, iPad Pro 9.7). Even with all of the speed and resolution increases over the various iterations, my original thoughts about the iPad are largely unchanged. It doesn't do everything a laptop/desktop...
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    Teacher looking for ways to use his iPad 1

    Welcome! I hope you find your iPad as useful as I do mine. For basic productivity tasks, check out Documents to Go to allow you to work with Office files. Also check out Goodreader, which opens pretty much any document format you can throw at it and has a file manager built in. If you've not...
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    Abamdoned laptop

    I've pretty much abandoned my notebook as well. I use a desktop at work or at home for heavy lifting tasks. I've actually taken only my iPad on a few business trips and it has worked great. Like I've said before, the iPad won't replace a laptop completely (I still use a desktop for document...
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    Ready for university

    Viper, Unfortunately, no stylus is going to give you flawless performance with taking handwritten notes on the iPad. It's just the nature of the beast on a capacitive touch screen. I use the Targus stylus myself. It performs well and feels good in my hand (except it is a little short). It was...
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    3-in-1 camera connection kit

    @Vikki: I think I ordered mine on 12-28 while they were still out of stock. Once it shipped, it got here (to Kentucky) in five days or so. #electronicsky Is there any particular issues that I should be looking out for with this? I haven't had time to mess with it since the first night...
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    3-in-1 camera connection kit

    I took a long shot and ordered one of these kits. It finally arrived yesterday. It seems to work just fine, but I need more time to check it out more extensively. I'm just glad that it doesn't require jail breaking to work
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    Microfiber cleaning cloth?

    During my lunch hour today, I ran into the local Dollar Tree on a whim. I picked up a microfiber cleaning cloth used for cleaning glasses. It works fantastic. I'm not saying that the Missing Cloth isn't worth the price, but this was a buck. Now if I can just keep up with
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    Microfiber cleaning cloth?

    Has anyone ordered the cleaning cloth from the Missing Cloth website? I'm using a microfiber cloth that came with an LCD cleaning kit. It works well, but it's a bit small. The Missing Cloth sounds great, but I would like to confirm the rave reviews with someone who has actually bought one.
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    Filemanager / pdf / office docs

    Documents to Go syncs with Dropbox and allows you to store documents locally without going through iTunes. It handles spreadsheets pretty well. It also does an ok job with PDFs. Give it a look to see if it will meet your needs. Also, Goodreader has a fairly robust file manager that opens a...
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    Hello Everyone!

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I am addicted to my iPad. And whoever says the iPad is just for play is wrong. With the right apps, you can get a lot of work done.
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    App for 'file sharing'

    Check out Dropbox. It let's you share and sync files among multiple machines. It works with many productivity apps like Goodreader and Docs to Go. And a 2GB account is free. Check it out.
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    buy now or wait

    At this point, you should consider waiting. The iPad 2 is just around the corner, and it will have a few minor improvements like front (and potentially rear) cameras that will add value to the user experience. As the details and rumors are revealed over the next few months, you can see whether...
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    Hello Everyone!

    I've been lurking for a while and have learned a great deal from many of the members here. The iPad (32 GB Wi-Fi) is my first Apple product ever and I have to say that it is one device that has lived up to the hype. It just works and is an enjoyable user experience. When people ask me if it...