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    iOS 5- what would you like to see for iPad?

    Because Apple has been delivering such must have features lately that you can't wait a couple weeks to jailbreak . . . I am being sarcastic btw. In case you couldn't tell.
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    iOS 5 announced!

    I completely agree. I just find it a little disingenuous that Apple is suing Samsung for doing just that, and then on top of that lawsuit, copying Touchwiz's lockscreen. For those that don't know, Touchwiz is Samsungs skin that runs on top of Android. What they are copying is the ability to...
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    Ipad 3....What would you like to see or predict for the next model.

    So the core OS is completely unchanged. Still a massive waste of screen real estate. They copied Androids notification system. They copied Blackberry's BBM. And this is the momentous update? Color me completely unimpressed. I am sure that it will do a couple neato things with airplay and...
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    iOS 5 announced!

    I find it interesting that Steve Jobs called 2011 the "year of the copycats". He wasn't kidding. He copied Androids notifications. He copied Blackberry's BBM. He copied HP's WebOS multitasking. He copied the split keyboard from Microsoft. Everyone thought he meant that 2011 was the year...
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    *CONFIRMED* iOS 5, iTunes Cloud, Mac OS X Lion NEXT MONDAY AT WWDC

    I don't deny that. There just isn't any reason to be an ass when your company is making the better product, which Steve Jobs regularly is. Because the day WILL come when your company no longer makes the best product. Don't want to derail the topic, just annoyed when Apple "reinvents things"...
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    *CONFIRMED* iOS 5, iTunes Cloud, Mac OS X Lion NEXT MONDAY AT WWDC

    Why do I know that I am going to get angry watching the keynote as Steve Jobs blatantly rips off Android features while he condescendingly dismisses Android yet calls the new iOS features revolutionary. IDK, something about the guy just gets under my skin. Too arrogant for me.
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    Could Apple Be Planning Surprise LTE iPad 3 Launch in time for Christmas?

    Boy that would piss off a lot of iPad2 owners. I'd laugh.
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    Ipad 3....What would you like to see or predict for the next model.

    Frankly, the hardware is not what needs a refresh. The OS is boring and was outdated when the ipad launched a year ago. There is no need for all sorts of advanced hardware when you are dealing with a few pages of icons and playing some HD video and games. Apple needs to RADICALLY change their...
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    iOS 5 or jailbroken 4.3.3?

    I'm sorry, are you an Apple insider or something? Because I stay on top of tech news closer than most others and I have read absolutely nothing about iOS5. Also, iOS5 is not going to launch "soon". It will come out with the release of either the next iPhone or iPad, which is what Apple ALWAYS...
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    Will Apple ever make an ipad with an sd card slot?

    Um, I hate to break it to you, but of all of the systems of pirated apps I have ever seen, Apple's is by far the most extensive and streamlined. That is, among any other platform including the PC platform, the easiest and fastest and most complete pirating of apps that I have EVER seen was on...
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    Guess this is the secret of apple :)

    That would make sense if the OS upgrades DID anything else. Its been the same OS since the launch of the iPod Touch. I guess they included multitasking back at the iOS 4 launch, but I mean, I don't think that takes much of a processor to accomplish that kind of multitasking.
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    Best video player apps for ipad

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    Apple or Motorola tablet????

    Yea, there area few examples on youtube of people demoing the GPS. Only thing is that you need some form of internet connectivity for Android navigation to work, and I think the Transformer is wifi only. If you start the route with wifi though, it will cache the entire route so you dont have...
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    Apple or Motorola tablet????

    Why are you even considering the Xoom when the Asus Transformer is essentially the same tablet for 399 with the optional accessory of an amazing laptop dock that extends the battery life to 16 hours? Not to mention that the screen on the Transformer is a much higher quality display. And yes...
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    Best ipad browser

    All of the browsers on the iPad kind of anger me, but all in separate ways. I just did a massive test of browsers and Android over at XDA including 13 different browsers, and a lot of them added some amazingly cool features, which iPad browsers kinda do too, but the biggest thing were the...