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    If you are new, please post an introduction thread.

    Hi guys, I'm back. Purchased an iPad the first day it came out. Had terrible connectivity issues and had to return it. Was really disappointed as I saw such promise. This week I received an iPad2 for my bday :) so I'm back. Lovin' it so far. Looking forward to IOS5!
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    iSwifter Questions

    Me, too. Just tried to write one on iSwifter but the page just refreshes and doesn't display anywhere to write. BTW, anyone have iSwifter? I just downloaded it from the App store cuz the YouTube vid I saw on it showed interfaces for both games and browser. When I downloaded it, it only gave me a...
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    Connectivity issues

    Glad you're up and running. I bought a brand new router at home. Didn't help. I also had issues on my work network (huge lawfirm with an IT dept)and hot spots so it was not just one network giving me problems. This, too, has been my first foray into Apple other than an iPod Classic and a...
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    Connectivity issues

    Hi DMad - Sorry but my solution was to return it. I took it to the genius bar (the genius was unaware of any connectivity issues). I followed all the instructions I could find, including everything you did. It worked so inconsistently and connected so sporadically on a variety of networks that I...
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    Hated to see it go...

    I only used it w/WiFi. I started have so many issues early on that I didn't want to spend the extra $ on a month of 3G before I tried to get my difficulties sorted.
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    Hated to see it go...

    Well, I bit the bullet and returned my 3G 16GB iPad today. Hated to do it but, for me, had no choice. I had major connectivity issues on no less than 5 networks, including WiFi spots, home, work and friends' houses. I took it to the Genius Bar 10 days in and they said there was nothing wrong...
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    Weak wi-fi signal

    Afraid it's going to have to go back... I really did NOT want to reach this conclusion, but after my experience and reading about so many similar difficulties, I think I have to conclude that the purchase of a first gen iPad was not a prudent decision on my part. I received my 3G 16GB Apr 30...
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    Connectivity issues

    And I have rebooted - makes no diff.
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    Connectivity issues

    I connect to the network (router) just fine. Mine at home and wireless network at work. It's trying to connect to a site - like Google, or, it loads and loads and loads and then tells me the server is not responding - all the while Settings tells me I'm connected to Wifi.
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    Connectivity issues

    Last two days my iPad has been Suh-LOOOOO to connect, if at all. Both at home and at work. This morning I tried to connect to about 6 sites and never made it. I'm talking Google, MSN, YouTube, my firm's portal. Really frustrating! I get "Safari can't open because server has stopped responding."...
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    Cleaning the screen

    Thanks all. What about the the anti-glare? To or not to? Do you find it gets in the way with the "touchiness"?
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    Cleaning the screen

    Apple says NOT to use any liquid cleaner on the screen, just a dry cloth. Don't know about you guys but my screen gets reeeally covered in finger prints! I tried using just a cloth for cleaning my glasses but it really did less than a stellar job. I saw in this sight's store some iKlenz...
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    Note Taking APP....

    Thanks! Just ordered a pink Pogo Sketch w/discount. FYI, discount is case sensitive! Twitter43 doesn't work but twitter43 does. I'm hoping to use this to take notes at work while I'm on the phone, like jotting down phone numbers, etc. Think Penultimate and this stylus will work well for that app?
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    I received my shipping notification!!

    I got my shipping notification at 1:52 am the email says. To be delivered by 3:00 pm April 30. Currently, tracking says it is has been picked up in Middletown PA (It's being delivered to DC). Man, this has seemed like a reeeeally long wait - like when you were about 8 and your birthday seemed to...
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    Micro SIM's and T-Mobile

    Ok, need some advice. I carry a AT&T Blackberry for work (has to be Berry for the enterprise service, says work). I take the Berry (w/unlimited data plan and mid-$ voice plan) to the UK and everything works fine but I always get a higher bill due to roaming when I return Stateside. I'm getting...