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  1. TheBaron

    SwitchEasy Nude review

    I've been looking at this one too. I wound up buying a really cheapo ebay TPU case when I got my ipad for the time being, but I'm looking for something that fits a little better and doesn't detract from the sleek ipad form factor. Still, I keep hearing how easy it is to scratch up the Nude...
  2. TheBaron

    One thing that Android does MUCH better than Apple

    I agree completely. One thing I noticed is that an app can have great reviews with a 4 star rating and I still may not like it or find that it doesn't suit my purposes. I recently purchased Iron Man 2 for $9.99 and beat it with about 3 hours of casual game play. What a rip off. Also, I've been...
  3. TheBaron

    HP iPrint

    Does it only work for HP printers? Also, what case is that? It looks slick!
  4. TheBaron

    Turn ipad into a cell phone

    My coworker is using skype for ipad to make regular phone calls. I haven't used it yet, but he says it works great. No video obviously, but he was able to call all his friends last night and the call quality was excellent.
  5. TheBaron

    Who's having buyers remorse?

    I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum. I think I might need to find an iPad AA group. I can't ever seem to put mine down. I'm an addict. :)
  6. TheBaron


    iWeb is what I want the most for the iPad. Maybe we can start a petitiion! :)
  7. TheBaron

    Disappointed with netflix streaming selection

    I was sort of disappointed at first, but then realized there was a great selection of indie and old movies available. I wish there were more selections available, but $9 a month is pretty cheap. Let's hope it continues to improve though.
  8. TheBaron

    Otterbox cases will be out this summer!

    Yeah, I don't think that screen protector is worth using. My coworker put his on yesterday and is already thinking about taking it off. It started getting bubbles in it and looks hazy. Otherwise, the case looks really nice.
  9. TheBaron


    That would make the most sense. I've been reading outside at work on my lunch breaks when it's been up to 94 degrees. Mine has never overheated, BUT I am sitting in the shade with no direct sunlight hitting the iPad.
  10. TheBaron

    More reasonable price alternative to Things "to do" app?

    Thanks again for the input. I think I'll continue to play around with Evernote and see if I can't get it to do what I need. A couple things that really bother me is that it doesn't have a to-do list checkbox option. I'd love to be able to make lists and check them off as I complete them. Also, I...
  11. TheBaron

    The iPad competition quites before it gets started

    Yeah, I doubt even Apple knew how popular the iPad was going to be. The iPad is just too hot right now to try to release a product to try to compete with it.
  12. TheBaron

    More reasonable price alternative to Things "to do" app?

    Hey, thanks for all the input, guys! I will definitely look into Taska and Pocket Informant. I downloaded Evernote and found that it was good, but still lacks what I need. I guess the problem is that I'm going in with a set idea of what I want and it probably doesn't exist. I'm hoping to find...
  13. TheBaron


    All these posts are really making me feel very lucky. I live in Arizona where the temperatures are already reaching mid 90s. I read outside quite a bit and have never had my iPad overheat.
  14. TheBaron

    Otterbox cases will be out this summer!

    A coworker of mine just got an otterbox case for his blackberry. I was just checking it out and have to say it has a great feel and looks very durable and nice. I imagine this is going to be a really nice case for the iPad. They aren't cheap though!
  15. TheBaron

    SwitchEasy Nude case for iPad. Possibly the BEST minimalist case! PIC link inside.

    Now THAT'S the type of cover I want. I bought a cheap TPU skin for mine that is working pretty well, but the nude case looks even better. Especially with the included stand.