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  1. The Kleaner

    Volume button

    I bought a new iPad 2 cover yesterday the Macally protective cover and stand with magnetic on off switch. Anyway, now my volume control on the side of the iPad don't work. I've rebooted but it still do want work. Volume works on the touch screen but not the button on the side. Suggestions?
  2. The Kleaner

    jailbreakme author

  3. The Kleaner

    3194 error, need suggestion ~ 4th day I'm trying ~ still no luck

    You have to have 4.3.3 already on your iPad in order to save the blob. Without it you can not update to 4.3.3. You have to upgrade to 4.3.5. If you want to jailbreak then it will be a tethered jailbreak as marylin said.
  4. The Kleaner

    Anybody know how to change profile picture?

    At the top of this page go to user cp (user control panel), it's next to active topics. Then when the new page loads on the left, under settings select edit avatar. Done.
  5. The Kleaner

    HBO GO and HDMI

    It's awesome when you can find a work around though! ;)
  6. The Kleaner

    Itunes Synch Issues with iPad1

    Well I reinstalled iTunes and now her iPad will synch but the movies she had on the iPad aren't there but the space is still used. As of right now, 23.3 gb of the capacity is consumed by "other". I installed ifile on her iPad and the music is there it just won't show up in iPod on the iPad or...
  7. The Kleaner

    Itunes Synch Issues with iPad1

  8. The Kleaner

    Itunes Synch Issues with iPad1

    Okay, here is my issue. The wife had synched her iPad to iTunes last night no problems. This morning she synch's to install movies she converted last night and it was going slow so she cancelled ths synch (using the slider on the ipad) then disconnected and reconnected the ipad. Now it shows...
  9. The Kleaner

    Broken glass

    If you live in a suburban area check craigslist. Looks like here in Dallas it costs about 190 bucks to get ipad 2 glass repaired. Here is an example: IPHONE REPAIR IPAD 2 GLASS $189.99 WHITE COLOR RETAIL STORE MESQUITE!!
  10. The Kleaner

    Ipad 2 Help

    I've had my ipad 2 for close to 3 months and have had no issues with screen bleeding. Yes! definately get a screen protector, if you dont you know your bound to scratch it somehow...why risk it?
  11. The Kleaner

    IPad 2, Windows 7 and DVD's

    xilisoft is a good single package solution. think it runs around 30 bucks...
  12. The Kleaner

    Tethering for the ipad2

    LOL! I was wondering the same thing too! :p
  13. The Kleaner

    Too late for 4.3.1

    Looks like you can JB iPad 1 via pwnage tool and redsn0w but it is a tethered jailbreak. iOS 4.3.4 jailbroken with PwnageTool on iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad 1 (redsn0w update) -- Engadget
  14. The Kleaner

    iPad 4.3.3 but iTunes asking to "Restore"

    Here is a fix for 1013 error if found (iPhone 4) Fix iTunes Error 1013 When Updating iPhone 4 to iOS 4.2.1 | Redmond Pie Also found this in these forums. Be aware It looks like it will update your baseband. No sure...
  15. The Kleaner

    iPad 4.3.3 but iTunes asking to "Restore"

    I downloaded an app through cydia last night that locked up my jb iPad2 and I had no choice to restore and ran into the same issue your having. Here is the fix. Google iOS for iPad 2 wifi...should be 4.3.3...j82 i think. Anyway download it. Once it finished, hook up your iPad to your pc, launch...