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  • Hi Than,
    That's good to hear! Im glad you can understand my jibberish instruction as well.
    Hi Than,
    You have to create that album in itunes in your pc. They call it playlist. Create a playlist in itunes. then choose the option to sync playlist as well. so when you sync your ipad. the playlist you created will be there.

    Hi Than! I'm sorry to say that there is no way to install an app on the iPad without the app store. iTunes has nothing to do with app installation. I am surprised that you can't install iBooks. Did you try the app store?

    The only way to install software out of the Apple loop is when it's jail broken but I know nothing about that. Sorry!

    There are other excellent ebook readers out there, Kindle, Stanza and Kobo. Stanza reads PDF.

    Hope this helps a little bit. Don't give up, write to me when you find your solution.
    Have a nice day!:)
    I'm thinking you can't do that without an account. I don't think there is a direct download of the file but you might benefit from jailbreaking so you can get apps. I do not know anything about jailbreaking but check the hacking section of the forum someone can help you out! Good luck
    iBooks should read your PDF. I have a few pubs I need to convert and load il do it tomorrow and tell you how after I succeed.
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