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  1. tecknoes

    Charging Lead

    Just had a nasty shock when I tried to charge my iPad 2, it refused to charge; first thoughts ......... a new iPad or an expensive repair! I "Googled" the problem and found that Apple had made changes to iOS 7 to stop the use of some third party charging leads. Yet another greedy ploy by Apple...
  2. tecknoes

    FilmOn TV Guide app

    I'm trying to sort out a problem with a friends iPad mini. She is using an Apple Digital AV Adapter cable connection to an HDMI TV, there is no problem with the picture output but when the FilmOn TV Guide app is used there is no sound output. If I load a video on the video app the sound is...
  3. tecknoes


    I have just spent many hours tagging hundreds on my photos on the iPhoto app on my iPad 2 to enable me to find them easily, is there any way to sync the photos with the tags to my iPhone 4 iPhoto app? I have noticed that the tag details are not synced to the fie data on my PC running Widows...
  4. tecknoes


    I have a number of files (about 150) created in an app called iA Writer saved on iCloud is there any way I can transfer them to Dropbox Nos Vemos .................. Gerry N .........Sent from my iPad
  5. tecknoes

    New copy of iTunes on PC

    Thanks for the replies ........ fingers & toes crossed now! Nos Vemos .................. Gerry N .........Sent from my iPad
  6. tecknoes

    New copy of iTunes on PC

    I have just had a total crash on my laptop and have had to reformat and install Windows 8 and a new copy of iTunes. How do I get everything back from my iPad back on to iTunes? I am a bit wary that iTunes will delete some valuable pictures, music and videos on the iPad if I tell iTunes to...
  7. tecknoes

    Currency in Numbers

    Is there any way to link a cell in the iPad Numbers app to a currency so that it will automatically update, I have no problem doing it in Excel on my Windows laptop but can't see a way in Numbers Many thanks in advance for any help Nos Vemos .................. Gerry N .........Sent from my iPad
  8. tecknoes

    Prompts all the time from the iPad app

    The iPad app keeps telling me that there is a reply to a subscribed thread and when I log on the the forum there's zilch! This is happening several times a day. Sorry didn't know where to post this; hope someone who runs the forum picks it up. Nos Vemos .................. Gerry N...
  9. tecknoes

    eMail to multiple addresses

    Sorry about the , ; mix up ....... taking it a bit further this is what I do, you may have a better method though. I create a contact in the ipad contacts app called "Family" putting this in the "name" field, then insert in the "email" field a list of email addresses I want to send it to...
  10. tecknoes

    eMail to multiple addresses

    I use a comma but I have read that you can use a semi colon as well Sent from my iPad using iPF
  11. tecknoes

    eMail to multiple addresses

    Create a new message in your email client. Insert "Undisclosed Recipients" in the To: field, followed by your email address in "<,>" braces. The To: field should look like: "Undisclosed Recipients <>". If you send emails to undisclosed recipients frequently, you can add your own...
  12. tecknoes

    iOS keyboard shortcuts

    I use an iPhone as well as the iPad and the keyboard shortcuts on the iPad are automatically updated to the iPhone. As I tend to start my shortcuts with a "comma", a great suggestion earlier in this debate by twerppoet, there is a minor problem on the iPhone. When putting a shortcut for an...
  13. tecknoes


    I've tried about 6/7 video downloaders on my iPad with varying success rates, I wanted to save to the camera roll after the download after it saved the video to memory so I could edit in iMovie. The one I had most success with is Titan Downloader. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  14. tecknoes

    iOS keyboard shortcuts

    Message for The OB Hi I don't seem to be able to find this forum on Tapatalk, any pointers on how to find it? Sent from my iPad using iPF
  15. tecknoes

    iOS keyboard shortcuts

    Hi Twerppoet Thanks for the very useful comma suggestion. I've altered all my shortcuts (about 50) and it seems to work fine, the main problem I had was with 'iS' shortcut when I typed the word 'is' I had to alter it each time, also iT and some other two letter words. I use two letters to...