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  1. TARDIS Tara

    Plan on getting a Zagg Invisibleshield for your iPad?

    I've installed two Zagg InvisibleShields on two iPads (screen only) and two Zagg InvisibleShields on two iPhones. If you can find a mall kiosk to do this for you DO EET! They're a pain to put on, but boy howdy, they wear like iron. I wouldn't have a touch screen without some sort of...
  2. TARDIS Tara

    IPad swing arm mount?

    I'm using a modified Aidata copy holder with an adjustable waldo arm. It's got a clamp at one end and a copyholder at the other, which I cut down with my chop saw and added a 1x2" shelf (on top of the wussy plastic one) with two screws. I also removed the adjustable line guide and spring clip...
  3. TARDIS Tara

    Hallo from Albuquerque!

    We're a two iPad family here. I've got the 32G 3G and my Dear Husband has the 32G wi-fi only model. Love, love, loving the iPad!
  4. TARDIS Tara

    iPad Case Reviews

    I've got the Apple case for my 3G and my DH has the Incase Convertable Book Jacket. We're both very happy with our respective cases, although the DH wishes his had room for business cards. Oh, and we've got Invisible Shields installed on just the screens. Love, love, love that product (once...
  5. TARDIS Tara

    Get an awesome stand for real cheap price

    I'm using a Page Boy book holder that I bought at Borders for $6 It folds absolutely flat and weighs next to nothing.
  6. TARDIS Tara

    For those looking for Bags for Ipad

    The most Macho bags out there are the Saddleback leather satchels. Indiana Jones would carry a Saddleback satchel. They're that butch. The medium satchel fits around an iPad perfectly, with room for your headphones and connector cables. I, use a Osprey, Veer, with my Newton button on the...
  7. TARDIS Tara

    Anyone here having issues with Sprint's Overdrive?

    Yeah, it drove me nuts for about two weeks. So, I returned it, sold my wi-fi iPad and bought the 3G model. No problems now. :)