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  1. TammysPad

    "Poke" on facebook

    Have ipad 2 an 4. I can receive "pokes" from friends. But I can't send. When I try a comment shows Poke Failed in highlighted pink. Apple nor Facebook can help. Did I press or change something? Help :)
  2. TammysPad

    Help! I have ipad 4. On my profile~about time line I entered the wrong birthdate.

    I know it says to wait up to three days. I do. I even tried the main com. It changes on it but not the iPad. After hitting Edit I try,but the date section only is frozen. Please I need help. Apple says they can't help and Facebook is a dead end also Thank You for any help. Tammy
  3. TammysPad

    Change profile?

    Thank You J.A I'm trying right now.
  4. TammysPad

    Change profile?

    Would like to change my profile on IPF! Would like to know how. Thanks Tammy
  5. TammysPad

    Yahoo News

    Hello problem here,if in wrong place don't yell. On my home page I have quite a few Yahoo News stories. Up until about two days ago I could find a story and it would take me to another page and give me a couple of sentences about the article. Then under it there was writing in blue asking me if...
  6. TammysPad

    How do i stop a spam

    Hello I'm Tammy. I've got crazy thing with my iPad. An Canadian Viagra pharmacy has got my email address. So It automatic sends up to twenty five a day to my spam folder. I know I just have to continually erase and thank goodness it does not go to my reg mail. But the question is how can I stop...
  7. TammysPad

    Invisable apps

    Thanks OB,I fell asleep with my pad in hands. I contacted Rovio(?) they said it was a glitch with the iPad 1. It didn't effect my new iPad. Live and learn! Will not update this developer site again! But will purchase. Thank Tou Tammy
  8. TammysPad

    Invisable apps

    Sorry OB Worker up holding pad! I just didn't know where to go into. But Rovio(?) told me its a glitch in the iPad 1. I did tell them it didn't effect the new one. So no more updates. Thank You Very Much For Your Help
  9. TammysPad

    Invisable apps

    Thanks Marilyn My power ups are back. But the app I updated is still white,and under it instead of stating "Seasons" it's blank. Someone with Rovio (?) got back with me and said it was because it was properly because it was the iPad 1. They were trying to fix it. I'm on the cloud and on my new...
  10. TammysPad

    Invisable apps

    Andrew I really did a dozzy. I tried that...and it erased all my power ups. I tried to contact Ravio(?) but that was like a root canal. But thanks and I will keep working. Tammy
  11. TammysPad

    Invisable apps

    Can you tell me where I thread to find? Tammy
  12. TammysPad

    Invisable apps

    Thanks a bunch....but it didn't work. It just aggravates the heck out of me. Now here in San Antonio Texas its 12:30 AM and I'll mess with it until one of us or both are erased or both the pad or I pass out. If any more ideas are there let me know! Thanks. For the idea! Tammy
  13. TammysPad

    Invisable apps

    Hello if I'm in the right place for this strange question I hope someone can answer. I have the newest iPad . It often tells me I have updates. Some I don't want ...but when it comes to my angry birds I update, so lately when I do the update and it completes.the app is a solid white. I don't...
  14. TammysPad

    Classic yahoo

    Hello,I been some help! Wednesday night 9-12-12 our search engine CLASSIC YAHOO changed to a generic home page. I don't like and I don't won't it. Yahoo should have given choice. Soo can any really tec person tell me how to grt my page back. I can go to the top type in "" and with...
  15. TammysPad

    Ghange bio on ipf

    Thanks Moe,it was a thought on upgrading. I don't do video calls. So you are right. I'm old school in away. Ear to ear. I've had my iPad 1 since the beginning. The speed is great. I guess since I'm I'm it an easy six hrs aday and recharging twice aday,I guess just looking ahead. But from what I...