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    App needed to save pics from facebook

    if using facebook app just take a screen shot of it and it will save it.
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    Is iPad right for me?

    The important question to ask is. Do you have antihero computer at home? Either desktop or laptop. If the answer is you alreAdy have one of this, get an iPad it is a great accessory for the classroom and you will find that soon more textbooks and what not will be in digital media. If the...
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    World Cup Live on iPad?!?!

    Buy an eyetv tivo for comp or a sling box and there corresponding app and you are good to go
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    Transferring comics to IPAD online...need advice

    There is a free comic reader for the comp that will convert them to PDF
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    Adobe announces magazine digital publishing platform for Apple iPad

    I have 7 monthly subscriptions now for a total of 22$ that's pretty good!
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    Using the iPad in the car

    Make sure keep brightness all the way up!!
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    3G iPad? Did you buy 3G data?

    I didn't for first couple weeks because I'm almost always in a wifi area but fiancée wanted to shop while on a 3 hr ride so I added it and now will test for 2 months to see how much data I use.
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    TV Stream On IPAD

    Go buy an elgato eyetv hybrid and update to their newest ipad frie dly software and then set up the necessary wifi requirements. Then purchase the iPhone app eyetv (which eyetv said an update will becoming in next couple weeks to be a iPad version as well) and you will be able to watch live tv...
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    Change in ATT Data plans

    its only a bait and switch if they change the pricing mid cycle. They are changing their policies for new costumers not present ones. As long as you never cancel your month to month service you get to keep your unlimited.
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    Change in ATT Data plans

    Here is the article that was posted this morning on Financial section. It initially talks just about smartphones/iphones then in the middle talks about changes in ipad. In short all new ATT smartphone and ipad costoumers will have no unlimited choice for data. They will be able to...
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    Adobe announces magazine digital publishing platform for Apple iPad

    I really enjoy Zinios magazine app. I think they do a great job of handling adds (including video adds and web link adds) as well as presenting clear reading and viewing experiences. Plus they have lots of subscriptioned magazines on there to choice from instead of just 1.
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    Transferring comics to IPAD online...need advice

    Good Reader can read the comics. What format are your comics in. I would say the best way is to either used DropBox or if you have a MobileMe account use that as a cloud server and good reader. I tried to upload a picture from my ipad of me reading the origional xman series on Good Reader on...
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    Apple Store 3G Reservation Policy

    You are under 3G thread not the wifi reservation thread. We are seeing wifi only times are much quicker then 3G+WiFi. Overall it seems that wait times for 3Gs is about 10days giver or take a couple. At least this hasn't drastically slowed by International Sales!
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    One thing that Android does MUCH better than Apple

    I never look at the star rating, I mostly read reviews and hardly buy apps that I dont read about online at several different sites. I like to be an informed buyer. If its free I could careless but if I am going to spend more then 3$ mine as well read about it to not get mad that i bought a POS
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    Going Paperless (Magazines, Newspapers, Docs)

    Same here but I think they give you like a sample issue to try out. Itunes did not bill me so far and I put no CC info in.