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Recent content by swisspolo

  1. swisspolo

    Buying apps

    Yep it sucks, especially given how many apps now in the store there are several that may do what you want but without spending £40 you can't work out which is the best one
  2. swisspolo

    Knowing what you know NOW ~ would you still buy your ipad?

    I would still get one but I would have loosened the purse strings a little more and got 3G 32GB. I could manage without the extra space but I really really really wish I had 3G!
  3. swisspolo

    Do you regret not getting 3G?

    I regret not getting 3G because I use my iPad out and about a lot. Something like 38% of iPad owners never take it out of the house and 20% again don't use it in public places, I would imaging that most people don't need 3G .... I do though and I wish I had
  4. swisspolo

    what type ipad case you got?

    I use a Slotzz case - Charcoal Grey Outer, Red lining and a plain pocket on the front
  5. swisspolo

    iPad Case for Business

    If it is a small amount of thin documents you want to store alongside your iPad then the Slotzz cases should do the job. They are a snug fit though so may not have all the room you're after. I keep a note pad in with mine and it's all ok Cheers Simon Disclosure: I run Slotzz
  6. swisspolo

    Most addictive game.

    Angry Birds has taken over my life. I don't even like games but this one has got me I hear they are making a movie based on it to! Simon
  7. swisspolo

    Wishlist ... what would you like to have on yr iPad?

    1. Retina display screen 2. More RAM than the iPhone 4 so that safari would retain web pages across all open tabs, that way they wouldn't reload when skipping between tabs 3. Loose the disable auto rotate switch Simon
  8. swisspolo

    Huh. My calenda r is one day off need help. .. Ipad

    I had this once with my iPhone and Mac book I cant remember the exact fix and I can't recreate the issue but it came down to a difference between time zones on my Mac and iPhone. I use mobile me and I think the issue was with a time zone in there come to think of it. If you ise mobile...
  9. swisspolo

    How Much Have You Spent Protecting Your iPad?

    I couldn't find anything I liked so we started a company making customised cases, handmade to order. I wanted something slim, lightweight and that could double as a temporary stand. I keep my iPad in my bag so didn't need lots of padding So quite a lot of money on a case/protection if you take...
  10. swisspolo

    Favorite Apps

    I wrote about this here last week First Page iPad Apps - Slotzz Blog and then my dock app here Dock Apps - Slotzz Blog To summarise if you don't want to read: 1. Twitterific 2. Early Edition 3. Taska 4. Dropbox 5. Stumble Upon Si
  11. swisspolo

    new iPad in november???

    I agree that it wasn't a very good presentation but at 15mins 15seconds to 35seconds he is listing 4.2 for iPad with HDR said at 15mins 29secs I agree it is unlikely there will be a camera for this iPad, but a smaller one maybe apart from a front facing one for face time I see little point...
  12. swisspolo

    new iPad in november???

    In the keynote 2 days ago Jobs said something along the lines of: "iOS 4.2 will bring all these great features to iPad; folders, multitasking, HDR, and ...." If you download the video and whiz to that part of the video he deff says HDR for iPad in 4.2. Either it was a slip of the...
  13. swisspolo

    New case

    Looks cool. very different but would add a lot of bulk to it I prefer a slim case
  14. swisspolo

    Reading in bed - Needing a Stand

    Hi, I've just bought a MoviePeg from these guys, it's cheap and portable and works on you're lap so may be a good alternative MoviePeg — the no-hand stand for movies and more Simon
  15. swisspolo

    Did you actually read the user guide/instructions when you got your iPad?

    I had to go searching for a manual like document to work out what the "disable auto rotate" switch was. Proper brain stall on that one, just didn't think to try rotating it when the switch was thrown Si