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  • People won't read the stickies. What is I3? Never heard of that one. As far as flash ~ there will always be flash threads. And there will always be search buttons. And they will always be closed:)
    Ms. Poison it would be a good idea to make a sticky on "Here is why no flash on IPAD". This question will come up more and more once the I3 is released.
    Sorry, but you have to click View Conversation, and THEN reply. Otherwise I don't get a notification that you replied. :)
    Hi Marie! I wrote to you on the Mac Forum and it felt as you did not recognize me. I write this to reassure you. Bye! :)
    aww, thanks, Henry! But it was my daughter getting a new car. I'm good with mine. And I only pay $87 a month full coverage for my insurance too.:)
    If you in the market for a newer small car do take a look at the smart and take a test drive in one before moveing to another vehicle ..My insurance went down to under a $100.oo a month for full coverage along with beening great on gas .I never let the tank get below half a tank and filling up in the Ca it where get a little tight but outside the state is not that bad filling up the tank ..
    Say, is there way I can permanently ‘unsubscribe’ to all threads? Seems that every time I post to a thread I’m automatically subscribed regardless of my settings. Heck, I even deleted my email address from my profile so clearly I’m missing something.
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