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  1. Strekmetaal

  2. Repeating Windows

    Repeating Windows

  3. Piero Sierra

    Piero Sierra
  4. Steel Beam Overhead

    Steel Beam Overhead

  5. Concrete/Glass/Steel/Industrial


  6. Metal Plate Sculpture

    Metal Plate Sculpture

  7. Svrdhd

    What's the last movie you saw?

    Stranger Than Fiction. I know I'm a little late to the chase with this one, but it was free on my Crackle App! Good movie! I would recommend it to anyone who hasn't yet seen it.
  8. Svrdhd

    safe to update iTunes 10.4

    Thanks man! Looking forward to your confirmation ;)
  9. Svrdhd

    HOW TO - Change Folder Backgrounds

    The 'folders' feature of iOS 4 brought along a much needed means of app organization for all iDevice products. And it's also easy on the eyes as far as aesthetics go. But you may ask yourself, 'Self, why must the background be that gray linen design? Why not make it something more interesting?'...
  10. Svrdhd

    HOW TO - Remove Wallpaper Icon Shadows

    When replacing an icon on an iDevice, if one decides to use a non-uniform icon, there is a residual 'Shadow' where the old icon used to be. This can be unsightly if the new icon is not the same shape as the original icon in question (the default rounded square shape). Luckily there is a simple...
  11. Svrdhd

    regarding apple ID

    CHALLENGE ACCEPTED Didn't know you could do that! :p
  12. Svrdhd

    Changing folder background

    Instructions on Changing Folder Background The following is a step by step instruction manual to creating your own SpringBoard Folder Background. Download i-FunBox. Connect iPad and start i-FunBox. (must have iTunes installed on machine) Download image from internet. Resolution 1024x1024...
  13. Svrdhd

    Changing folder background

    I've been hard at work making a theme for myself! And along the way, with the help of the vast knowledge of the internet and you guys, I've modded something I can be truly proud of! :) The trick is in deleting the '' (x: 0-5) Found in '...
  14. Svrdhd

    Changing folder background

    Thanks, Mickey! That was actually very insightful! I'm continuing to mess around with the Winterboard themes (staying far away from the stock images) and am beginning to get the hang of things! This is really too much fun to focus on any one thing.. I'll be back after a day or two to post my...
  15. Svrdhd

    How to: Create Custom Icons!

    Thanks, Wolf. Very helpful!