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Recent content by sutty0000

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    Is iTunes 10.4 jailbreak safe?

    Cheers f4780y :)
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    Is iTunes 10.4 jailbreak safe?

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    Get Whatsapp on your iPad!

    "4g" ?!
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    Downgrade iOS 4.3.5 to 4.3.3 with blobs iPad 2 3G question

    Hi I've been doing a little research and seen the latest version of TU will allow a downgrade from 4.3.4 to 4.3.3 with blobs for iPad 2 3G owners. It said along as apple are signing 4.3.4. This window will be closing shortly and will it be possible to downgrade from 4.3.5 to 4.3.3 ?
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    Remove metadata

    I had a similar problem. I had a huge update for an app I longer wanted so I deleted the app and the '1' by the app store stayed there even though I deleted it. The only way I got around this was to plug my iPad into iTunes and re sync apps and remove the app I deleted which also needed updating...
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    What apps have you downloaded since jail breaking iPad2?

    I cant wait for PhoneItiPad from iPhone Islam to be recreated to work on iPad 2
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    is it possible to restore firmware on a jailbroken ipad I without shsh blobs saved?b

    If you put your iPad into DFU amd restore you'll be on the latest iOS version 4.3.4. That you don't have any SHSH blobs you cannot downgrade to a particular firmware unfortunately. You'll be stuck at 4.3.4 which doesn't have an unthethered jailbreak :(
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    Safari Download Manager stopped saving files?

    I've experienced something like this before. I was running on a public Wi-Fi connection in Spain. :/
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    iPad 2 4.3.x Respite

    Ok, thanks :)
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    iPad 2 4.3.x Respite

    Sorry for been a pain but am I right in understanding that if iPad 2 3G owners have saved 4.3.3 blobs we can downgrade from 4.3.4 as long as Apple are still signing 4.3.4 (probably until the release of iOS 5) do you need 4.3.4 blobs also from latest TU or not? Thanks
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    Accidentally upgraded software

    I extremely doubt it trying to get 4.3.3 SHSH from Apple but you can try by using "TinyUmbrella" on pc. If that can't save the 4.3.3 blobs there's no other way around it.
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    Accidentally upgraded software

    Without SHSH blobs saved you cannot restore to a lower iOS version :( If you have an iPad 2 then you are going to have to wait....again :( If you have an iPhone 4 or earlier device you can get a TETHERED jailbreak now.
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    Accidentally upgraded software

    Do you have SHSH blobs saved?