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  1. Superteds34

    iPad in France

    Hi, I live in the south of france and can confirm that both Skype and FaceTime work ok - usual issues of high traffic at weekends, otherwise ok. Don't expect any telecoms company to be any different, that part of globalisation they have embraced fully! The ideas about customer service - not so...
  2. Superteds34

    Skype enabled phone that works well with the airport express

    Hi I'm a new user and this is a first post using the iPad app. I am considering changing my existing router from an old net gear model to a AirPort Extreme, as I am a iMac and iPod/iPad user. As I live abroad I currently have a net gear SKYPE enabled phone which works well to keep in touch with...
  3. Superteds34

    Best note taking app for iPad

    Before you reach the point of no return Do try out Springpad - I have just gone back to that following a reminder note from them that I was a registered user before I found Evernote. It's simplicity after the Evernote complexity is nice. Worth a look! I am in no way connected with them. Brian
  4. Superteds34

    iMessage problems from a newby

    Ok thanks will be doing that later - will keep you posted. Never thought I may not have one? How could I log in to and by things on iTunes without an apple ID? Brian
  5. Superteds34

    iMessage problems from a newby

    Sorry I don't understand what you mean- view online where? On what site? I think I have missed something. Thanks for your help. Brian
  6. Superteds34

    iMessage problems from a newby

    I have checked my apple I'd on iTunes and it's the same email as before and the account works fine - I can still buy stuff on iTunes and I synch without problems everyday to download podcasts. Mobile me transferred over to iCloud and it seems to work ok. Brian
  7. Superteds34

    iMessage problems from a newby

    Hi all, my name is brian and I am a new user of this site, I have accessed it using the iPad app, which seems to work very well. I am a retired Brit living in the south of france by the sea side town of Cap Agde. I have recently had to give up my hobby of golf following a much earlier than...
  8. Superteds34

    Activating imessage woes

    Did you find a cure for this problem? Brian
  9. Superteds34

    iPad in France

    Hi, I live in france and have no problem using BBC iplayer. Even the international version can get the dr who specials " featuring the darleks!" . The easiest way to confirm all is ok is to use free wi if connections, not very common here as usually they are a cheap trick to get you to sign up...
  10. Superteds34

    The "Anything Goes" thread

    I have bbc iplayer installed in france and it works fine! You need to ensure its the international version.