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    What Do You Sync With (Mac or PC)?

    I loved building computers....since way back when (1978)...I took apart my Atari 400 and when I put it back together, I put a screw thru the video fried a diod...I went to radio shack and bought some diods and a solder iron....I fixed it before my parents found out...I have been...
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    Windows PC addict name is Jeff Shepard and I'm a recovering Windows addict......<insert applaus>.....I have been Windows free for...... Ok so I still like Windows based PC's.....but I did buy an iPad...I should get around the 15th or so.....I am sure I will love it. There is nothing to love about a...
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    Apple Finally Overtakes Microsoft

    Does anybody remember the first Android comercials....the one where the robotic arm/hand was flipping the holographic image with its finger......I think they got in trouble for looked like it was flicking the apps like you would on the iPad...I just saw a revised comercial where they...
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    Wondershare Launches DVD/Video to iPad Converter

    AnyDVD ripped my Bluray Avatar just fine.
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    The Home made Wireframe iPad Stand

    I have a router, a table saw and some spare oak scraps.....I wonder if I could sell some stands around my block......I'll be rich!!!
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    Apple will Eventually Issue Patch for Wi-Fi Issues

    It sounds like this might be a software problem if restoring the software took care of the problem. I hope I don't have this problem when mine arrives.
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    Apple Finally Overtakes Microsoft

    I have always been a computer hardware geek....and that is why I have never owned a mac.....I have always built my own computers from the ground up. You can't do that with apple. Microsoft has had its problems over the years and I believe that is due to having to make Windows work on a...
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    Wired iPad App Sells 24, 000 Copies On Its First Day

    Anybody know if other additions will be cheaper? I know the initial app cost alot and it included the June issue....will upcoming issues be the same price or will they be cheaper? I purchased the app to show support for digital mags in general, but I wont buy another if it is the same price.
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    The iPad is Not Welcome in Yankee Stadium

    maybe they are affraid that somebody will use it as a mirror and try to blind one of the players as he is about to make a play.....that is the only thing I can think of....
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    Apple sells 2 million iPads in 60 days

    Yes....ramp it up already...I have mine on doesn't ship until June 10th......I think I have exceeded the 16GB with all the apps I've purchased already..... I just read somewhere that Amazon has purchased some tech company specializing in touch tech....and there is speculation that...