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    Printing from Ipad 3

    I was considering a new Airprint printer but then discovered Fingerprint. I seems to do everything a new printer would do, costs $10, doesn't take up more space, and has responsive tech support. You install it on your desktop or laptop, not on your iPad.
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    Looking for sympathy - wont's get it, but looking anyway

    Hard to believe, but people have endured worse.
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    Printing from iPad without Airprint

    I recently discovered Fingerprint (Collobos Software)which allows you to print wirelessly from your iPad and iPhone on a network enabled printer. It's not an iPad app--you download the program on your desktop or laptop for $9.95. There's a free version to test whether it works in your...
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    Printing from iPad

    I was looking for a way to print from my iPhone and iPad when I'm using a PC and don't have Airprint. After a lot of searching, I found Fingerprint by Collobos Software ($9.99). If your printer is on your wireless you might want to check it out. There's a free trial version on their web site...
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    ZaggFolio for iPad 3

    1ipadguy, you might try calling Zagg (if you're still interested). I placed my order over the phone and the person I spoke to was able to tell me the shipping date and approximate arrival date. I asked about the leather model when I called (last Wednesday) and she said it was delayed until mid...
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    ZaggFolio for iPad 3

    The carbon fiber Zaggfolio that I ordered last Wednesday from Zagg for my iPad 3 arrived today (Saturday). Pretty quick turnaround. The iPad seems to fit much better in this model than with the previous version of the Zaggfolio.
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    ZaggFolio for iPad 3

    Zagg has caught up Looks like Zagg is making progress, at least on the carbon fiber model. I placed an order for the iPad 3 version of the Zaggfolio with Zagg on Wednesday and got a shipping confirmation on Thursday. It should arrive early next week. Last I checked, their web site shows that...
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    Zaggfolio for Ipad3 (Question)

    Zaggfolio for iPad 3 Just to follow up, I emailed the CEO of Zagg about the confusion. Below is my email and the response I received from a Zagg representative. I've tried the Zaggfolio and think it's a good product. However, there appears to be a lot of confusion over the Zaggfolio for the...
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    Zaggfolio for Ipad3 (Question)

    It's very confusing. I think Zagg has added to this confusion by selling the Zaggfolio in one box labled "iPad 2" with a sticker saying "works with iPad 2 and new iPad" and another box labeled for the new iPad. On top of this, several stores have told me that Zaggfolios labeled for the iPad...
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    Case with integrated keyboard

    keyboard case I stopped by an ATT store yesterday and looked at the Zaggfolio case. Ultimately, I bought one with a 30 day return privilige. So far, I really like it--good keyboard, stays connected, magnetic catch works, and I can use it on my lap without the thing flopping over (like the...
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    Case with integrated keyboard

    I'm pretty confused by the number of keyboard cases too. I tired the Belkin but returned it (kind of awkward/floppy, didn't always remain paired). Judging from the iLounge reviews, the Adonit Writer 2 plus and the Solidline Rightshift2 sound good. The Adonit is being updated for the new iPad...