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    App keeps disapearing

    My wife after too much trouble withe her old ipad mini has been bought a new one for Mothers day (I know tell me about it). One of the main things she uses is scrabble an app from the itunes store (the free one). We loaded it up, however everytine she attempts to use it it disapeares soon...
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    ipad mini flicking and loading apps I dont want

    Thanks for your message. Cannot understand why the moderator thought this wrong and cant find 2171/.
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    ipad mini flicking and loading apps I dont want

    Thanks guys. We did as Andrew suggested and my wife report that although the issue hasent gone away the problem is still there but much lesser. Would it be necessary to redo it to see if it totally solves the problem.
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    ipad mini flicking and loading apps I dont want

    My wife's ipad mini is about 2 years old - for a while now she has been finding it difficult to use. Sometimes she turns it on and its fine, other times (becoming more frequent) the screen starts jumping about and loading apps she has not clicked on. Also she may be playing music (her beloved...
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    Retired cricket statistician.

    Retired cricket statistician.
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    Photos on ipad mini

    Since losing everything when my lap top was stolen and not recovered, all the photos I have are on my ipad mini. There is one phto in particular I would like to send to a publisher, but cnt for the life of me find out how I can send it to my computer. Any ideas please
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    Major disaster on ipad mini

    I have my lap top, but if I connect the ipad mini to it it immediately starts to sync what is in my itunes files and could delete the photos. Im afraid I am not very technical.
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    Major disaster on ipad mini

    Not only has my grandson (5 year old) trod on my wifes ipad mini and cracked the screen, whilst playing in it he has uploaded apps and done all sorts of rubbish. When we get the cracked screen fixed I would like to return the ipad mini to default and reupload my wifes music etc. She does not...
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    System Restore for ipad

    Sadly it is not in ituns just the new dreadful upgrade.
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    System Restore for ipad

    Is there a System Restore for ipad so I can go back to before I uploaded the dreadful upgrade to Scrabble. Please help I want to restore the original version please. Thank you
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    Photo issues on ipad Mini

    Many thanks, I had been using the photo program that came with the ipad. I have now bought photo manager.
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    Photo issues on ipad Mini

    Having sorted out all the photos on my computer for my wifes ipad mini, I synced them on. On my computer all the photos have a title, ie "trip to South Africa" but I cannot see this on the ipad mini. Is there anyway of showing these titles when the photos are perused on the ipad mini. Would...
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    Wrong music syncing to ipad mini

    My wife has received an ipad mini for Christmas and I have set it up for her. I transfered the music she has called "Brenda's Music" which is fine, however it always loads other songs belong to me that she does not like or listen to. The bottom line is after I sync her ipad mini I then have to...
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    Only play scrabble

    I'm sorry that reply does not seem to answer my problem ?