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Recent content by spydah01

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    Virtual keyboard gets in the way

    Thanks, scifan57, I'll give it a try when I see her next Tuesday. I'm not all that optimistic, as I had to re-establish the Bluetooth connection anyway after I recharged the keyboard. Watch this space. Spydah
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    Virtual keyboard gets in the way

    I'm helping a friend who has just acquired an iPad Mini with a Bluetooth keyboard attached. However the on-screen keyboard keeps popping up and getting in the way of whatever I'm trying to do. If I touch the button near the bottom RH corner to get it to disappear, it generally does, but then...
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    PowerPoint Presentations

    OK. So here's another suggestion from someone who uses his iPad quite often for PowerPoint presentations. Use an adapter to connect the iPad to the VGA cable. Using the touch screen, prep the iPad to the first slide. After that, use the left/right keys of your Bluetooth wireless keyboard...