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    I miss my iPad

    I have both my OG iPad and my ipad2, so nope, not missing it :D
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    Wondering what age ip2 will be when its no longer operable?

    Three years is the typical life cycle off an apple item, however they can continue to operate much longer. For instance someone I know just now finally replaced their iPhone 2g but only because they broke the screen . A co-worker is using an old iPod from 2006. My original iPad is still being...
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    Heads up for potential iPad 3 (4G) buyers from Australia

    Yeah, it's advertised on apples iPad site. Excerpt: "4G LTE is supported only on AT&T and Verizon networks in the U.S. and on Bell, Rogers, and Telus networks in Canada. Data plans sold separately. See your carrier for details." I'm not sure why apple didn't include other LTE bands.....not...
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    Best way to turn ipad 2 into Cell Phone

    I use Vtok + google Voice
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    iPad 2 Locked in Portrait Mode....

    Thats great news. Happy Ipad'ing!
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    Pay-as-you-go carrier for iPad in US

    I was afraid of this. Oh well. I guess if I really need it I can activate ATT on the fly, and cancel the account so it doesnt auto renew
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    iPad 2 Locked in Portrait Mode....

    Yeah it would get stuck in portrait or land scape. A reboot would usually clear it. Have you tried killing all of the apps running in the background? I had a game (can't remember which) that would lock my iPad in landscape; even when the app was in the background. I would have to close it to...
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    iPad 2 Locked in Portrait Mode....

    What iOS version? This was something that was addressed in one of the iOS 4.3x updates
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    Pay-as-you-go carrier for iPad in US

    My iPad isn't locked to ATT. I've already tried another sim and it worked. T-Mobile sells plans, but it's like ATT, Pre-Paid for a certain interval. Within the US, I am more likely to be tied to my Wifi Network, however, I would like a 3G subscription service that lets me pay for what I use...
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    Pay-as-you-go carrier for iPad in US

    Hi all. I just purchased a iPad 2 with 3G (att), and I am seriously considering adding AT&T services, however I am rather doubtful I can use 2gb in one month (I use it at home with wifi 99% of the time), and I have a hard time opting in for the 250mb plan because of its rather low value (cost...
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    My SIM looks a little different.. will it work in iPad?

    I just cut one down like that for a German company. It didn't match my tMobile sim. After I cut it, it worked just great.
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    DOUBLE iPod Touch GIVEAWAY! Black & White! TWO WINNERS! *Subscribe & Comment*

    Black - I subscribed to all channels :) Moderator notice: email address removed Edited by moderator - Gabriel1
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    1TB HDD on iPad2 - step by step guide - Camera Connection Kit

    If it's the same 1tb portable go flex, then no power cord required.
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    why syncing ipad is taking too long time

    Do you have any apps installed that may have filed manually dropped into it? Like a third party video player.
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    Mic not working how to set

    I had this issue with my first ipad2. Brought it to the apple store and they replaced it.