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  • Just seen your post on the step by step guide to adding a 1tb hdd to the iPad, you mentioned u know of a 1tb hdd that doesn't need a power source? Can u let me know the model number of that hdd, I really want one lol
    Haha, sry, never mind, still would be cool if you could find out anything about the content they will have in the store at 25.03. I maybe going to camp the store on grosse bockenheimer from 7am that day.

    So much for those who believe that germans arent that crazy, when it comes to the hot stuff we're all the same :p
    In Frankfurt?
    Das ist nett, da bin ich auch :)
    Haben ja einen Apple Store auf der großen Bockenheimer, ich denke ich werde den am 25.03 mal ab 7 Belagern, hoffe die haben genug Pads dann da.

    Grüsse aus Frankfurt
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