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    Newbie to the iPad

    Some icons can be disabled through restrictions. Some your stuck with unless your jailbroken.
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    Just joined.

    Welcome - I posted on your other thread.
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    Microsoft exchange email account

    Yes - what's your problem?
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    What is your biggest fear when it comes to damaging your ipad?

    Dropping it. Which happened two weeks ago. Hit the corner by the on/off switch - concrete from 5 feet is not good. On/off switch got jammed in - thanks to a friend who is apple certified repair man it was fixed. Was in a portfolio type case, have since moved back to the otterbox defender. Bulk...
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    IPF Noob

    # theads
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    Embarrassing iPad moments

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    Video converter

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    Best To Do / List App

    I like todo because it syncs with toodledo So may personal and work computer, iPad, iPhone all sync together for my tasks.
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    Best To Do / List App

    I do not believe so. When task is completed you check the box and it goes to the top line of the completed tasks list.