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    Long term fallout from the Pad format

    Specifically, what MS issues are you having? Might be able to help. I love my iPad and iPhones - but I honestly have to say Windows 7 is much more stable than the 2i's. I reboot my iPad every week or so when it locks up and the phone is finicky like most portable devices. Win 7 on a well...
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    iPad fingerprint resistant oleophobic coating

    Does anyone consider their iPad fingerprint resistance? Mine is a fingerprint magnet! The screen gets dirty without even touching it.
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    FINALLY!!! Charge your IPad from any computer

    Thanks for the tip!! I use all Gigabyte boards. Updated to the latest bios (only do this if you know what you are doing) Downloaded and installed on-off charge from Gigabyte Works perfect. iPad is charging via USB while I am using it!!
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    TV Stream On IPAD

    I tried RDP- remote desktop - with streaming TV. The picture was choppy and unwatchable.
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    Jailbreaking iPad Cons?

    While the scenario of a bad battery is not likely within the 1 year warranty period, that is a risk of jailbreaking. If it happens, it happens. Apple will simply charge you for the repair. I, and many others in the JB world, have had warranty work and replacement done on JB'd devices. No...
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    How to enable voice control on your iPad

    The hack works perfect! Thanks for the tip. I do agree that the voice recognition is spotty at best. Google voice and Dragon Dictation on the other hand work perfect on the pad. I can rattle off a small paragraph with very few mistakes. Had to pronounce Jamie - jammy for it to play.
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    On the fence about jailbreaking? One man's opinion on why you should.

    I bought my pad, drove home, plugged into my PC, entered iTunes info and jail broke with Spirit. Never used a stock pad and most likely never will.
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    iPad Converter - Handbrake

    I have been using lots of conversion software since the day I picked up my pad. So far I like the latest edition of DVDfab. It is not free and you have to buy the DVD to DVD edition AND the DVD to Mobile version which has an iPad specific tab. Combined, both will set you back $80 for 2 years...
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    iPad Converter - Handbrake

    What settings are you guys using with Recode when converting a ripped DVD TS file for the pad?
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    Torrents on iPad

    Anyone manage to download torrents on
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    Can't Jailbreak Ipad 3gs - Spirit and Blackrain not Working

    Your english is fine!! Spirit JB works great on the iPad - no issues or downsides. If you are having problems it is most likely your computer, not the iPad. What OS are you using? Do you have the latest version of Spirit? The original version had issues. Download a new copy. Restore iPad as...