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  1. SoylentGreenIsPeople

    Non-Responsive iPad in Facebook

    I think this must be true. I have no problem using FB w/their app, but am still unable to use it through the browser. {I haven't tried other browsers}. So the answer to our problems seems to be go to fb through their app only. Not happy! I really don't like it.
  2. SoylentGreenIsPeople

    Non-Responsive iPad in Facebook

    Wow, I didn't realize so many people were having the same problem! I have tried everything posted here to no avail. It only happens when I'm on fb through Safari. But I deleted my fb app and reinstalled it. So far, no problems. But I would like to understand what happened and why. Thank you...
  3. SoylentGreenIsPeople

    Non-Responsive iPad in Facebook

    Please help. When I tap on 'like' or the profiles of friends on Facebook, nothing happens. I've been unable to post comments as well. This non-responsiveness only seems to happen on FB. I have an iPad 2 64G. It also shuts down to the home page constantly. I have rebooted numerous times...
  4. SoylentGreenIsPeople

    In case you didn't know - Emoji Keyboard

    It doesn't work on Facebook though.
  5. SoylentGreenIsPeople

    How do you get the smileycons? emoji/emoticons?

    There MUST be a way to use emoticons/smileys on an iPad. I don't want to go to my clunky old desktop to use it:mad: See! Apple's smileys don't even show up on this forum. What good are they? :thumbsdown:
  6. SoylentGreenIsPeople

    How do you get the smileycons? emoji/emoticons?

    This looks nice, but it doesn't work in Facebook.
  7. SoylentGreenIsPeople

    iPad 2 is Beeping While Charging

    When charging my iPad 2, I get this constant beeping sound. The battery notification {at the top} blinks as if there's a bad connection. I've changed the usb cord, I've plugged the ipad into different outlets around the house, but I still get that beeping. I'm not able to charge my iPad at this...