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    The Home made Wireframe iPad Stand

    I tried the metal hangar last night. It's easy enough to not have to rewatch the video, and as long as you take the care to make your bends symmetrical, it has a very stable base on both the table and the ipad. For a 5 cent stand, I give it 10/10 stars. The only thing is, when not in use, its...
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    GQ Sells Just 365 iPad Apps of Men of the Year Issue

    Lot's of people do, as evidenced by the few on here who mentioned they do. I live in NYC, and while I do like to be fashion forward, the magazine has some surprisingly deep (and sometimes funny) editorial opinions on politics, world events, and people. I couldn't agree more. While its nice to...
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    The Home made Wireframe iPad Stand

    this is awesome. Pretty funny too - I had just gotten a few things back from the dry cleaners the other day, and I looked at the metal hangers and said, oh, I don't need those, but hm, better keep it because I think I feel like I can make something out of it...
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    M-Edge Executive Leather Case

    I ordered an anti-glare screen from Power Support USA last week. I haven't received it yet, but should either today or tomorrow. It was pricey, ~$30 after tax/shipping from CA. The Apple store in NYC recommended it. Almost all Anti-glare screen protectors have the issue of making the screen its...
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    Going Paperless (Magazines, Newspapers, Docs)

    I agree! It brings to mind an image of a living room fraught full of violence towards the written word, as varied sheets of paper, covers and bindings are scattered haphazardly as the books left intact try to scream and run...
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    Pictionary with people online: Charadium HD

    For those that enjoy the game pictionary (there are lots of similar games out there), there is one that I have been playing called Charadium HD. It is a nice, clean interface and connects you to games with others quickly. Its fun!! If you guys would like a thorough review for those of you that...
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    iPad Tethering

    A-FRIGGIN-MAZINGGGGGG!!!!! The myfi tutorial is slightly outdated, you can no longer purchase within the app - just download the trial off cydia, and make an account (through which you can purchase the full app) at Rock Your Phone I just tried with JB 3.1.3 iPhone 3G along with JB iPad 3.2 OS...
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    Purchasing Applecare for the iPad

    For those of you that don't know and have access to a Best Buy retailer, they actually offer what I believe to be a better insurance policy than AppleCare. I don't know the specifics on AppleCare's policy, but some members have mentioned that it doesn't replace accidental damage. The BB policy...