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Recent content by SocalMark

  1. SocalMark

    iOS 7 - first impressions

    Now I know why Moderator edit: irrelevant comment, adding nothing to the thread, excised. You may care to ponder over Rule 3
  2. SocalMark

    iPad 3 Laggy Issues

    Are you holding it the right way?
  3. SocalMark

    Post your favorite questions to Siri...

    Ask her 'does apple maps suck'
  4. SocalMark

    Google maps ?

    You can still use the browser version I think?
  5. SocalMark

    IOS6 - Got it!

    Yawn not worth the hype.
  6. SocalMark


    Yes daytime .;)
  7. SocalMark

    Apple Earpods

    funny it's the only thing I ordered.
  8. SocalMark

    New Apple Commercial

    Was using atomic browser so yes it works I stand corrected. :)
  9. SocalMark

    New Apple Commercial

    Lol that's sad can't watch it on my iPad
  10. SocalMark


    My post was when you had to pay but it's now free.
  11. SocalMark

    Who's having buyers remorse?

    The only remorse I have is from reading this Post.
  12. SocalMark

    Stupid idea for Ipad

    Not sure why your calling it stupid, if they make it easy to remove the iPad from the case or if the case has extra batteries then this would be perfect for me.
  13. SocalMark

    Kroo iPad Forza Case with Kick Stand

    I like it can't wait for the review...Thx
  14. SocalMark

    Best Buy Availability

    Wow very cool Please say you got an iPad.:ipad-front: