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Recent content by Snowmaven

  1. Snowmaven

    Limiting number of emails on iPad

    I use my iPad more and more for email but I'm concerned about billions of emails accumulating and ending up as Gigs of backups. Is there a way to limit the number of emails that are loaded onto iPad, then ideally tap button to load next bunch. For example, I would like to load most recent 100...
  2. Snowmaven

    Best password protection app

    Datavault works with Dropbox or with a free webdav servers that don't require installing anything on your desktop. I like myself but you can use wifi too. It's $10 on Mac or Windows desktop, $10 on iOS, also Universal App, I've got it on iPhone & iPad and love it.
  3. Snowmaven

    What's your favourite thing about your ipad?

    Games & casual browsing like tv listings, weather, news while on my couch :D
  4. Snowmaven

    setting up iphone for ID question???

    I use a account, not for email but just for Mobile Me & app store so try if others don't work.
  5. Snowmaven

    Best password protection app

    I use Datavault. Latest version syncs using Dropbox and Wifi. No subscription to pay. I think Windows desktop version can import from Roboform or at least from text file.
  6. Snowmaven

    Apps are crashing frequently ios5

    Same problem here, Apple needs to do a better job insuring that new versions of iOS don't break all the apps out there or people are going to stop upgrading.
  7. Snowmaven

    What are you reading now?

    My recent reads from iBook store - The Tipping Point - The Secret Life of Bees - Shakespears (free!) You?
  8. Snowmaven

    Need a simple password manager

    Brighthub did a comparison of mSecure, SplashID & Data Vault. What is the Best iPad Password Manager?
  9. Snowmaven

    Slow YouTube Connection

    The performance I'm getting with Youtube on my iPad is slower than on my MacBook Pro. Any ideas for speeding it up?
  10. Snowmaven

    P.Diddy Holidays on Superyacht Controlled by iPad

    There's an app for that... :D