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  1. SNOWDROP252

    Just bought ipad 2

    Glad to have helped sam1017.
  2. SNOWDROP252

    Just bought ipad 2

    Photos taken on mine are crystal clear, but the camera does need some decent light otherwise it is fuzzy and has little speckles.
  3. SNOWDROP252

    Just bought ipad 2

    Has the Camera Lens got a little round protective film over it....mine did? Are you taking the Photo indoors with poor lighting? Try it outside in daylight and see if it is any better.
  4. SNOWDROP252

    Known problems for IPAD2?

    Just remember the OLD Maxim "You only get what you pay for."
  5. SNOWDROP252

    Screen protector question.

    I stuck a Belkin screen protector over mine........NOT successful....despite doing it as per instructions and being VERY VERY careful I still ended up with bubbles. I now use a Pen especially designed for use on iPad screen and don't need to wipe off dirty fingerprints. To be honest the bubbles...
  6. SNOWDROP252

    Dictate email

    Just cannot believe how good it is, beats typing out long E Mails. Thanks for letting me know.
  7. SNOWDROP252

    i pad 2 disabled

    My Mate did exactly the same...didn't follow the instructions to configure iPad and he has well and truly mucked it up. All sorted now though, THANKS TO GABRIEL.:):)
  8. SNOWDROP252

    Connecting IPad to WIFI

    Success Gabriel. ...!! WiFi now connected OK using your method. Worked a treat.. Shame that he well and truly mucked everything else up by not using the correct procedure when setting it up in the first place. I have sent him back to Apple Store tomorrow to ask that they set it up for him...
  9. SNOWDROP252

    Connecting IPad to WIFI

    My apologies, I am asking about an iPAD3 and this is iPAD2 Forum...sorry for my error...hope you don't mind my "senior moment"
  10. SNOWDROP252

    Connecting IPad to WIFI

    My Mate bought an iPAD3 but didn't follow the INSTRUCTIONS for setting up etc. Now his iPad will see his Modem but will not connect to it ( He obviously did not fill in Password correctly or even omitted to enter it. ) He lives 60 miles away and is pleading with me for help. I have gone through...
  11. SNOWDROP252

    IPad 2 App Updates (Retina Display)

    Most of the game apps on my iPad2 have been UPDATED via Apps Store, due it says, "accomodating the new Retina display."
  12. SNOWDROP252

    Am I The Only 1 Not Upgrading ?

    I'm sticking with my iPad2 until it becomes NECESSARY to change for a later model.
  13. SNOWDROP252


    Must be having a "Senior moment"..........of course I am not printing on my Home Network with the was my Netbook. Ooooops...sorry, will go away and dig a big hole and throw myself in it. Silly OLD man that I am
  14. SNOWDROP252


    My Printer ( HP 2050A ) is connected by USB direct to the PC itself and not the Router. You set the PC ( Windows 7 OS ) to allow HOME NETWORK. iPad connects to Printer and PC ONLY when they are both ACTIVE and not in Hibernation. I didn't set anything on the iPad to enable just came...
  15. SNOWDROP252


    Many thanks but the way I print at the moment presents no problem to me.