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    It won't have a Retina Display. It might have 2048x1536. iBooks 2 seems to support the idea of 2048x1536. That's close to a Retina Display -- and plenty in the media will wrongly call it a Retina Display -- but its only about 270 ppi, short of the 300 ppi needed for the distinction.
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    any body ever buy a Refurbished iPad 2 from apple

    I bought a refurbished MacBook Air. Works great. If you can wait, you'll see a price reduction on iPad 2 once the iPad 3 is released. Perhaps even before the actual release. We should get an announcement in Feb.
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    Best Game of 2011

    I'm running the iPad section of's Readers' Choice Awards for 2011. If you'd like to nominate your favorite iPad game, you can do so here: Nomination Form for Best iPad Game Thus far, the best apps have a number of nominations but not many nominations for best game.
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    screenshot for one hand

    I didn't see anything in the accessibility options, but you could always hold the iPad upside down and use a table to press the suspend button while you press the home button. Not the best solution, but it could work if you really need a screenshot. You could lock the rotation if you needed to...
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    How to use iPad to view the below link ?

    Definitely not browser friendly regardless of the browser.
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    Steve Jobs Passes Away

    It's a sad day in the tech world for Apple fans and non-Apple fans alike. No denying he was a visionary.
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    What Games are you playing now??

    Death Rally. Gunna check out Order and Chaos soon. Got it the other weekend when it was free.
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    Selling laptop + iPod for iPad?

    It all depends on what you do besides gaming and if the iPad can do that as well. Don't expect games on the iPad to come close to games on the Xbox, but you don't seem tied to the top tier games. One nice advantage of iPad gaming is that games cost a lot less so you can buy a lot more of them ;)
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    Mirror NetFlix??

    Dunno if Netflix would mirror anyway. It uses video out, and I'm assuming iOS 5 will support video out over airplay as well as mirroring...? But, yeah, AppleTV already has Netflix (as well as almost every other device in the world.) Does AppleTV support 1080p Netflix? Curious because I may...
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    Death Rally

    Friend turned me on to this one. It's a vehicular combat game. Pretty good for $.99. Death Rally for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), and iPad on the iTunes App Store
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    Will Apple ever make an ipad with an sd card slot?

    With the iCloud service coming soon, there will be less reason for him to give the iPad an expandable memory solution.
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    Ipad 3....What would you like to see or predict for the next model.

    I don't expect (or even want) a 3D display. I think it'll probably have an AMOLED "retina" display. Not sure we'll get HDMI out since there is an adapter for it now. Better cameras is probably a done deal, just as faster processors, better graphics chip, etc. One thing I really want to see...
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    Probably a dumb question about cursor placement...

    I've had an iPad since the first Wi Fi version came available and I still fumble around the keyboard all the time. It'd be awesome if they allowed 3rd party on-screen keyboards to replace the default one.
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    Game/App compatibility?

    All iPad apps should work on the iPad 2 and most iPhone apps will work on it as well. This is handy because the iPad 2's cameras give it access to augmented reality apps, so you can play Star Wars Falcon Gunner on your iPad 2. I wouldn't expect too many apps to go iPad 2-only, though...