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    ipad2 3G question about restore

    I have an iPad 1 64GB 3G too. So i thought i would be no problem if i have the blobs. Now i'm concerned. I develop apps for my own needs and i don't want to pay every year. I don't want to earn money with my apps so i need the jailbreak to run my apps. I own the iPad 2 from Day 1 and i like...
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    ipad2 3G question about restore

    Hello I own an ipad 2 64Gig 3G. My SHSH blobs are saved. I read somewhere even if you have the blobs you can't restore to 4.3.3 if apple releases 4.3.4. Because there is no bootroom exploit. This matters the 3G models only. Without 3G you can always restore to 4.3.3 with the saved blobs...