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    Already have Docs to Go on my Droid.....using Quickoffice on Ipad?

    Thanks, however most of the recent reviews for the ipad DTG app indicate that it does not work as it should with Google Drive. This is the reason why I would like to know if I can use Quick Office on my ipad and whether or not it will work with DTG which I have on my Droid.....thanks!
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    Already have Docs to Go on my Droid.....using Quickoffice on Ipad?

    I have been a long time user of DTG on my mobile devices. I am a light user and mostly use Word and some simple Excel formulas. Currently, on my Droid Razr Maxx, I sync DTG to Google Drive without any issues. I need an Office Suite on my Ipad 2 to do the same things DTG does on my Droid. I...
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    Itunes wants to take ALL of my photos on my PC and transfer to my Ipad2???

    I just downloaded IOS 5 and among the many issues I am having is one with Itunes. When I sync my Ipad 2 with Itunes it wants to download all 30,000 of my photos on my PC to my Ipad 2. I do not wish to transfer any photos from my PC onto my Ipad 2. When I uncheck do not sync photos a message...
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    Photo Organization App? about personal experiences with any of these apps? Anyone able to comment on the one(s) they use? Thanks
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    Photo Organization App?

    I, like lots of people, do not care for the stock Photos Ipad app. I just want to be able to upload photos (via the camera kit) and be able to place them into individual folders. Is there an app to help me do this? Thanks
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    Saving web pages for offline viewing?

    I have an ipad2 and use Safari for my browser. I would like to have the ability to save web pages for offline viewing. I would like to be able to save an exact image of a web page for viewing offline. I tried this using Instapaper, however it compressed the page removing graphics, ect. Do I...
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    Best app for creating and editing Word docs?

    Need a good app for creating and editing Word docs. This app would likely be used with my Dropbox account. Thanks for any help.
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    Storing Credit Card info, bank account info and passwords on Ipad 2?

    Hello, I need a secure to store credit card numbers, bank account numbers and various passwords. I need to be able to access this information from my Ipad 2, mobile phone (Android based) or another internet connected computer. I was thinking about something like Dropbox. However, I am...
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    Composing email while offline?

    I will give it a try....thanks. I would have thought that there would be an easier or more practical way of doing this.
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    Question about Reeder app?

    Hello, I am currently using Reeder along with Google Reader to read all of my RSS feeds. I like this program a lot. However, over the last few days I notice that my Ipad 2 now has 2000+ articles on it. I will never get to read all of these articles. Is there a way to have these articles...
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    Composing email while offline?

    I have a Ipad 2 wifi only. Is it possible to compose email without a wifi connection and send it once I am back online? I am using the default email client included with Ipad 2. Thanks
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    Quick battery question?

    Thanks...I was under the impression that I had to let it drain all the way down before the first charge.
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    Quick battery question?

    Brand new ipad owner. I am at 16% of battery of the new ipad and have yet to charge it. I am leaving for a flight in a few hours and will be unable to drain the battery and charge it back up. I know that 16% will probably not get me thorough a few movies. Can I charge it up now or am I...
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    Issue with Apple ID/AOL password

    Anyone??? I just want to be able to use my Apple ID to sign can't be that hard...thanks
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    Issue with Apple ID/AOL password

    I tried renting a movie last night from itunes. This is my second ipad. I had to return the first one as it was defective. My itunes account on my PC uses my AOL address. My Apple ID password and AOL password are different. My first ipad asked for my Apple ID and I would enter that password...