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    Add folder to Library, overview and updates

    Got a question is there a way to transfer my play list from my iPad onto my library in iTunes. Lost all my information on my PC so had to download iTunes again, so lost my library Information. Also is there a way to import my music list from my iPad onto my files in my computer. Having trouble...
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    I went into my settings and notice I don't have contacts options in my gmail account. Do not know why it is on my phone
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    I lost Some of my contacts on my contacts list, Connected my iPad to iTunes to re-sync it and those names are Still not showing up After syncing. Have the same contacts on my iPhone, Try turning off my iPad turning it back on reconnecting it & re-syncing, Nothing seems to help. All my contacts...
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    Play my Mac's iTunes library on iPad over wi-fi?

    I found the problem, my bad didn't have my iTunes open on my PC my bad! Now I can see my library on my devices, yeah! So proud of myself for Figuring it out, dumpy me. Leaned something day. Happy holidays everyone. I will one day be computer Savvy.
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    Play my Mac's iTunes library on iPad over wi-fi?

    Hello I done everything you've suggested turned on my home sharing on my PC & my laptop went on my iPad 3 and my new iPhone 5. When am on my iPad I go to the music app select the more button but I can't see my library & did the same for my iPhone, I did go to my settings on both my Devices to...
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    Thank you all very much these are very helpful sites, have been busy today learning so much about my been Syncing & unsyncing items.
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    Best websites or apps to read about any latest apple products information. I am trying to become more savvy with my apple products. I am not computer savvy, but giving it a good college try, maybe one day I will be savvy on computers.
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    No sound on You Tube

    Wish you tube would anyone suggest for my ipad3? Please advise.
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    Calendar Sync Issues

    What is idevices? I have the ipad3 and learned how to sync my google contacts to my iPad through iTunes, however it didn't get the option of syncing my google calendar so sync my outlook calendar on my iPad. I had the birthday date duplicated and some contacts were duplicated, been cleaning my...
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    Apple tech support for My iPad 3

    Thanks for info on GPS.
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    Apple tech support for My iPad 3

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a GPS app for my ipad 3? Please advise.
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    Apple tech support for My iPad 3

    I wanted to ask for your advice I am considering purchasing the Apple tech support plan to get unlimited tech-support for two years at the cost of $80 what are your suggestions. I purchased my iPad in May and not very computer savvy. What are you thoughts.
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    New Ipad user and new to this forum

    Hello to everyone this is my 1st forum ever and purchased the new iPad in May. Really enjoy my iPad however I am not computer savvy, with that said hoping to get a higher education from everyone for my iPad and this forum.