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  1. Slimseven

    The Official Ipad 3 Accessories Thread

    That is what I consider a list. Great reference. Sometimes you don't knw where to start shopping for an item/ accessories ,there are soon many. List helps
  2. Slimseven

    I went to play with a new ipad.

    Side by side everything's sharper and crisp. Everything is so much more vivid. It's like a mega contrast improvement. Anyone who can say " no big deal " after seeing side by side, one new ipad3 wallpaper at a time again ,side by side and don't get excited at the difference is simply...
  3. Slimseven

    Best flight simulator

    That's interesting. I'm a big xplane user. Been contemplating lessons . Soon maybe. Is it possible you might have to tweak the Adjustment settings. They really produce a affect individually that is very sensitive. Given the fact that your experience lends itself to your being correct You...
  4. Slimseven

    How many ipads in Space?

    Wright lol. I failed to remember that. Lol. Actually that speaks to the device's popularity and demand. Gotta love it though. As far as why Cosmonauts have two up there and us Yankees do not ? I figure they were offered to them and maybe even bribed by Apple to introduce them up there...
  5. Slimseven

    Anyone buy a grifin survivor case for new ipad yet?

    Wright , no front screen buffer , not even close to the quality gumdrop or griffin offers for what I believe is close in price. The later two are worth every penny of the 69 and or $79. They charge. Dust filters included.
  6. Slimseven

    How will u really improve the next iPad ( not fantasy)

    I don't feel modifications such as a screen with no bezel is at all fantasy. Like the best tv's out now, apple needs styling like this on ipad. All screen edge to edge is impossible or out of the question.? It's the kind of mod that can separate iPad from the rest again. Dont wait for...
  7. Slimseven

    4 bad iPads. Dust and dead pixels on new iPad

    I can understand your Opinion about the issue but first consider the numbers sold to the number of units with less than perfect screens. Issues if you will. All electronics manufactured in great numbers have a certain number with flaws. They can not check every one. Apple is best in the...
  8. Slimseven

    Coolest thing yet!

    Bring up the theme from top gun the movie. " highway to the danger zone". By Kenny loggins. Ya know. And then go into my xplane9 for iPad app on the ipad3 Run the song in the background as I warm up the f-14 tomcat on the runway or the ac carrier launch deck and just go crazy with the after...
  9. Slimseven

    Can someone recommend a simple wifi finder and connecter

    Called simply , wifi- finder. Hope it helps
  10. Slimseven

    Anyone buy a grifin survivor case for new ipad yet?

    They advertise it for use with ip2 and 3. I called them, they said they are only going on specs supplied to them in reference to new iPad. They call it ipad3 on the site. Before fri 16 th they never had positive knowledge it would fit. " it should " they said. The gumdrop drop series is...
  11. Slimseven

    2nd round of screen comparisons going on in my house today

    Second set of people ( just 3) happen to be in my home today and of course none are iPad funatics like my family. Except my son's buddy which was involved in last nights comparison session. It has been unanimous at this point that the new Retina display is considerably sharper ,brighter...
  12. Slimseven

    My new iPad is back in the box to be returned :-(

    It's just the one in maybe a couple of thousand that had a assembly issue. imagine a QC check put in place before boxing but it can't be every individual unit. You will be made satisfied, if not already with an apology and a smile at the Apple store. Go get your replacement and enjoy. It's...
  13. Slimseven

    Who is getting their 3 first?!

  14. Slimseven

    Is the new screen that big of a deal?

    I respectfully disagree. If you bring up the settings wallpapers and do side by side , one by one , which myself and several reliable people with me spent 35 minutes doing tonight, it's impossible not to see the difference. It's not slight either. In a overly bright apple store with all...
  15. Slimseven

    Is the new screen that big of a deal?

    When I put the both iPads side by side and put up a wallpaper from the settings choices the difference is very clear. Very clear ! Sharpness and contrast are exactly what apple has boasted it would be. Color contrast is gorgeous. I go to my ipad2 and as much as it is still my favorite being...