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  1. skallal

    Am I reading too much into this?

    Sorry, but I have to reply. I use the Smart Case and the button is on the right. But I don't touch type on the screen in the way Marilyn does. In fact, I've long given up on touch typing on the iPad screen. While I'm a decent touch typist, I poke type with a stylus instead. If I really want to...
  2. skallal Upgrade Problems - Issues Thread

    J.A. It looks like Tapatalk HD is no longer available in the App Store. I find that odd because Tapatalk Pro doesn't have a 2 column layout for tablets. Strange? Steve Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  3. skallal Upgrade Problems - Issues Thread

    Thanks J.A. I must be using a different version of Tapatalk, because my UI looks different from your screenshot. I am using Tapatalk HD. That said, the search works if I select Posts at the bottom of the screen, instead of the top as on your's. Steve Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  4. skallal Upgrade Problems - Issues Thread

    I still use Tapatalk, although the browser seems to be the new recommended way to access these forums. SInce the upgrade, I've noticed that search no longer works when using Tapatalk. But search does work from a browser. Sorry if that has already been brought up, as I haven't read all the post...
  5. skallal

    Quickoffice Pro replacement for iOS 7

    Fred, There are workarounds for the cloud changes in the new Quickoffice. For example if you want to save a current document to Dropbox, tap on the blue bright arrow, and the right pane should show an "open in" button. This will open Dropbox and ask you what folder to save the document in...
  6. skallal

    Cat vs Dog, which is better? (iPad owner survey)

    Ok I have an update. I'm the cat lover some how stuck with two lovable cuddly Pug dogs. And I have one cat left. Used to have two. I had to out one cat down at age 17 last year, sniff sniff! My remaining cat is 18 now, and boy is he high maintenance! He can't jump any more. He is anemic and too...
  7. skallal

    Apple Issues Statement on Maps Issues

    I don't know if it this has been mentioned in this thread yet, but there is a app in the store called "Live Street View", that does just what the title suggests, it gives you street view, and direct from Google maps. The downside is that the street view is not full-screen, but rather a little...
  8. skallal

    Voice Command

    Dragon does voice dictation, but does it do voice command?
  9. skallal

    Siri issues...

    Chas, I don't get a list. All I get is a message from Siri saying I can't place a call on this device. What list are you talking about?
  10. skallal

    Siri issues...

    I just tried Siri for the first time having the third-generation iPad with the IOS 6 upgrade. I started by asking Siri for the phone number of a local restaurant. Siri responses saying that I cannot place a call on this device but I can make of face time call. Why won't Siri just simply give me...
  11. skallal

    Apple Developer program cost?

    I was under the impression that the Apple developer program is free if you do not plan on submitting apps to the store. The registration page, at, says "Register for free to access Apple developer tools and resources for creating iOS and Mac apps...
  12. skallal

    are you a mac or a windows user?

    Ok I've already posted on this before. Yes I am a Windows user. I've always used Windows since 1990. I'll probably always be a Windows user. Last night I did it. I didn't mean to. But there are times in life when we're not responsible for our actions. Yes I bought a Mac! It is a used Mac Mini...
  13. skallal

    Which Mac for iOS development?

    I've been biting the bullet for a while now, thinking about buying a Mac for iOS development. I am not a Mac person, in fact I come from a Windows background. But I am a developer and want to get on the iPad bandwagon. I've been looking at the Mac Mini, even looking at Craigslist. I'd like to...
  14. skallal

    Best External Speakers for iPad?

    I use a Bluetooth Logitech speaker adapter PN 980-000540. It works with existing speakers. Also you could use it to drive the input of a PC soundcard, which is how I use it. I got it for about $40 at Radio Shack. I didn't want to buy Bluetooth speakers because I already had speakers I wanted, in...
  15. skallal

    I would like to tell you how iPads changed my lifestyle.

    The iPad changed my lifestyle alright. I don't have a life anymore! It seems I'm getting on the iPad for the sake of getting on the iPad and not to get any work done! Can anyone refer me to a 12-step program? lol...