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    How Can You Watch TV Shows on iPad for Free?

    There are so many questions about "TV Shows on iPad" from Yahoo Answer and from this "iPadforum". Where to watch TV shows for iPad? Where can I watch TV shows online for my iPad? How to watch movies and TV shows on my ipad? How to download movies/TV shows onto my iPad? To help those who...
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    The Apple and Amazon Kindle Between Peak

    One is the eldest brother in the tablet computer market, representative product is Apple iPad; Another is the first in the e-book industry, representative product is Kindle. When apple's iPad tablet computer is dominating the world and continue to rule, and numerous competitors all are fatigue...
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    I’m an educational expert who have been always committing to educational innovation, educational reform, and explore how to deliver and develop the most practical teaching assistant, and put them in practical teaching, the best additional tool for teaching is PowerPoint to video converter and...
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    Who will be the Future Direction? Android or Apple?

    Android can beat the iPad tablet? I think perhaps with "more than" the word would be more suitable, because the emergence of Android Tablet PC just lets some users have a new option, and firm Apple fans will still support Apple's own iPad, Both user groups are not for exactly the same, but it...