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  1. sh0nuff

    iOS 5 Reminders sync with google Tasks

    It actually is possible natively without any 3rd party apps... as stated here in the MacWorld article.. First Look: iOS 5 Reminders | Macworld Looks like if you synchronize the reminders with iCloud, and the calendar with Google Calendar, it might work? -sh0
  2. sh0nuff

    HOW TO - Resolve iTunes Unknown Error 3194

    I seem notoriously good at solving my own problems, which I guess is a good thing. I put the 'Pad into DFU and after one false restart where it "couldn't find the device", it seems to be updating fine now. I'll keep ya posted
  3. sh0nuff

    HOW TO - Resolve iTunes Unknown Error 3194

    Open your Notepad by right clicking it and selecting "Run as Admin" this will allow you to local, open, modify, and save the hosts.dll in both Vista and Win7
  4. sh0nuff

    HOW TO - Resolve iTunes Unknown Error 3194

    Hey all.. this error is still stopping me from the update.. I'm currently on 4.2.1 tethered, and when i launch TinyUmbrella, the appropriate box is already unchecked... I got into my hosts and remove the line manually, and after rebooting my machine, the only line referring to
  5. sh0nuff

    People getting weird.

    People think that it will hurt their device.. cuz of the break part of the word jailbreak. They feel like they have spend so much $$ on their device that the warranty will be voided!
  6. sh0nuff

    Jailbreaking downsides?

    Yeah, I never put Winterboard on my phone or iPad, or too many visual hacks... I always see a noticeable drop in speed and responsiveness.
  7. sh0nuff

    People getting weird.

    a friend of mine is the exact same... He gets all freaked out, like he's an Apple purist and always complains that the one time he tried it, Winterboard slowed down his 3g..
  8. sh0nuff

    Greenpois0n Untethered 4.2.1 Jailbreak Released

    Noice! Finally! Good work to all those responsible! I'm stoked to try this come windows release!
  9. sh0nuff

    very tough time ahead 4 jbers

    +1 I have an Android, and they only thing that keeps me coming back to the Apple is the amazing keyboard and error correction... Swype comes close, but it still isn't quite as good, and since typing is something i all the time, the iPhone/iPad wins. But if it was as good, I'd still be rocking...
  10. sh0nuff

    very tough time ahead 4 jbers

    You do have a point, but Apple releases new iPhones every summer. Although getting the latest version might be tempting, the majority of users are on 3 year contracts for these devices, so only upgrade every 2 or 3 versions. However, its not that tough to always have the most up-to-date...
  11. sh0nuff

    very tough time ahead 4 jbers

    The one Cydia app that I can't do without is LockCal, which puts my events on the lockscreen. It might seem like a small thing to JB to get, but without it my scheduling just falls apart. I work for a major Telco in Canada, and teach others how to use phones, so I cannot JB my main work...
  12. sh0nuff

    Native Backgrounder vs Cydia Backgrounder + multifl0w

    Curious to know how these stack up against each other... Pros and Cons of each, and which might be a better choice I know that the native 4.2.1 backgrounding isnt true mutitasking, but then again, doesn't this keep the iPad running faster if all of its resources aren't strained by running...
  13. sh0nuff

    very tough time ahead 4 jbers

    Actually, Apple almost went out of business when Steve Jobs left and the new CEO decided that it would be a good idea to allow other 3rd party companies to make hardware that would run their OS. With the company sliding into obscurity, he returned and more or less single-handedly saved Apple and...
  14. sh0nuff

    Cydia Apps

    ------------------- Try RemoveBG to quit all backgrounded apps If you find your 'pad getting slow, remove Winterboard. Having been using iPhones for 3+ years, I've given up on using it alltogether due to performance issues
  15. sh0nuff

    very tough time ahead 4 jbers

    Lol, alright. ;)