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Recent content by sergei_devicevm

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    Best Remote Desktop App

    Splashtop just added wake-on-lan We've actually just added the Wake-on-LAN feature to Splashtop - its in the most recent update.
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    Splashtop on University Network

    Hi there, a Splashtop Remote app update planned for mid-November (v1.2) will have significantly expanded connection capabilities that may help in your case. Sorry it is not working now... (I work for the Splashtop company)
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    Best Remote Desktop App

    New remote desktop app Just want to let you guys know about the Splashtop Remote desktop app we just launched. It is in the app store now (search for "splashtop remote"). What makes it different is support for video and sound, so you can even play Flash games remotely! Hope you give it a try!