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    AT&T Restricting Downloads - App's?

    No such notice here. Perhaps this is some sort of spoof?
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    Serious question - Lotus Notes on iPad?

    Before retiring, I had the same situation. Our IT department however, said they did not support Apple products and wouldn't help. There was no way to sync calendars, address book, e-mail, or anything else. At one point, I'd worked out a link between Outlook/Entorage and Lotus, then synched...
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    iPad and Magic Jack

    I don't have the iPAD *YET* <grin>. But, have been trying to keep up with all the information and hype. The only adaptors I've seen so far, is the iPad Camera Connection Kit, one of which is a USB adaptor. I don't know if it would accommodate anything other than a camera, but I'm sure someone...
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    replacement for Picassa

    I like GraphicConverter. Free to try, no restrictions. I don't know if it works on iPad though.
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    iPad and Magic Jack

    Magic Jack on the iPad I have and use Magic Jack. I had it plugged in on my iMac, but switched it over to our one remaining Windows XP box, because the Magic Jack did not seem to work right on the iMac. However, it requires an available USB slot. It will not work on iPad, because the...