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  • Hi. Saw you visited my profile thread, and I just wanted to say thanks.

    Hi, looking at Kevin's "on and off the road" thread, I saw you mentioned you've sailed the inside passage to Alaska several times. My husband and I brought our wooden yacht through there. Such a beautiful and interesting way to go. I'd love to find out what you sailed there?.... how it was?..... and see some images of your trip.

    Have a really nice day :)


    I THINK there may be a means by which to DOWNGRADE to iOS5.1.1, using this link: Downgrade iOS 6 Beta 1 To iOS 5.1.1 For Untethered Jailbreak On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch |

    Problem is, I don't know which of the items to download from the iJailbreak downloads Section, so as to downgrade my iPad2 back to iOS5.1.1. Can you help, please?

    Thank you!
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