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    Official IOS6 Jailbreak Status Thread

    I really regretted upgrading my iPad 3 to ios 6.0.... I thought the untethered jailbreak will be released soon after the releasing of ios 6.0 is announced but I've been waiting for 2 months, and nothing came out :( Hope the iPad3 ios 6.0 untethered jailbreak will be available soon. mental...
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    iPad 2 monitor glitch ( HELP!!!!)

    Please guys I really need help :( I'm really sad and frustrated now :(
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    iPad 2 monitor glitch ( HELP!!!!)

    i have a iPad 2 16gb (jailbroken) and i broke the screen a few months ago and replaced a new screen from a tech place.Then recently my iPad start clicking randomly on the virtual keyboard, like when i am typing it suddenly keep turning the cap lock on and off, it's like a ghost clicking randomly...
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    Smart cover user? If so what color? If not then what case do you use? Enjoy Sent from my iPad using iPF 
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    Whats your favourite games on the ipad?

    Asphalt 6 HD nova 2 hd NBA jam HD jubeat plus (only in Japan apple store) Buddy rush for iPad Sent from my iPad using iPF 
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    Argh! Asphalt 6 : Adrenaline HD help!

    I'm in the asphalt final cup Drifting is really easy just be careful don't drift too much in straight road cos you will bump into buildings and got wrecked. Sometimes the bonus is if you only wrecked for one time, if y got more bonus you got more stars to unlock cars. Drift when there is a big...
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    My 10 best iPad Apps

    Well I just started my iPad 2 weeks ago, it's White and 16gb wifi. After using for a while, I'm totally addicted to iPad like I have an iPhone before. To make my iPad useful , I surf some webs and buy some iPad apps recommendation. I found these iPad apps is really useful.....(not in order) 1...
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    Smart cover user? If so what color? If not then what case do you use?

    Mine is iPad 2 wifi , I have a blue smart cover . Also bought the ipearl case which is very good to use they even give you a pen for writing on iPad You can put your business cards in it and a hand held thingy that you don't need to use both hands to hold the iPad while on a bus or in the metro