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Recent content by schmidtj

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    Things I didn't know

    Too bad it's only a "Digital Zoom" and not optical. Very grainy compared to an unzoomed image. You can do the same thing with just about any photo editor. :(
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    Making a stylus - hassle free.

    Amazon has nice ones for $1.50
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    I just use a cloth moistened in mild detergent and water. I suppose if that didn't work I'd try alcohol. J
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    Contacts transfer from google to IPad

    Leave them on google and just sync your phone to google. See: Sync contacts with your iOS device - Gmail Help You can sync your calendar in a similar fashon.
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    Getting a Apple care for 4 month old ipad 3

    Go here and all your questions will be answered: Apple - Support - AppleCare - FAQ Basically you can add it within the first year but coverage begins with DATE OF PURCHASE. So you really won't gain any coverage time. Also I THINK Apple may want to inspect the device before issuing the policy...
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    Rear Clear Protector

    I second the motion for the Zagg Miracle Shield. PS. Have it professionally installed if you are anal about bubbles etc.
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    Changing Ownership of Used ipad1

    We own and iPad 1 and a "New iPad" 3. The 3 has a Retina Display but I put it in an Otterbox Defender which has a screen protector and I can't tell the difference in the display between the iPad 1 and 3. My wife's iPad 1 works just fine. It's my old 3G model but it never leaves the house so 3G...
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    iPad Charging Issue

    Make sure you are using the original length cable. I used a longer one and get the same message you do. J
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    Definately noticing performance boost...

    $200 plus my unused AppleCare+ probably will wait.
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    Ipad3 bandwidth Concerns

    1.11GB for IOS 6.0.1 ? Mine was something like 25MB +/- J
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    Iphone battery

    Weak cellular signal.
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    IPad 3 protection

    It's good. Offers good protection (not from water). Triples the weight of the iPad3. Also the built in screen protector degrades the Retina Display to some degree. I have one. J
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    What is the point in Verison's Personal hotspot?

    In fact it CAN'T be connected to anything except the cellular (3G/LTE) system.
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    is the New 3D iOS Maps gonna be better than Google Maps ?

    And IMHO this is most significant.
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    Siri comfirmed for new iPad

    Wil it be able to: Turn Bluetooth ON/OFF Turn Cellular ON/OFF Control volume? Control screen brightness? I think hardware control features would be very nice.