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    Laugh Of The Day

    Home Alone with a Cat
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    What's the last movie you saw?

  3. Schatram

    ipad or mac security websites in Philippine / Malay languages?

    So I am going to reply to my own thread. What I have found so far is fairly not much, there is just one mac-related website Bing redirect Mac virus removal from Safari, Firefox, Chrome - MacSecurity having a couple of articles in Indonesian (in its Indonesian version) .
  4. Schatram

    ipad or mac security websites in Philippine / Malay languages?

    Any suggestions? Hi, I am looking for successful content makers in these languages and in the area specified, would love to hear any suggestions. Thank you in advances, hugs and kisses.
  5. Schatram

    SAFARI ? Really , oh boy , I can't wait to use.....

    Huhuha)) just a funny thread to hang on, why so serious;)
  6. Schatram

    If you have an Apple TV 3

    Wow, I did not know YouTube had an app for iOS. Is is ad-free or something, what;s the point of using it? I just watch youtube videos straight in Safari.
  7. Schatram

    Glad to be a part of this Community!

    Hi all! I am very happy to join this community as I have been browsing thru its threads for quite a while learning latest i-insights. Wish you all have great time, stay safe!
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    Quidquid fit necessario fit

    Quidquid fit necessario fit