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Recent content by Sasha5113

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    In Notes, some text is suddenly double-spaced.

    This is not earth-shattering, but a curiosity. I did a factory reset after nothing else would resolve the Calendar problem (it would open, but not stay on screen for more than a moment). With a clean copy of iOS 7.1, I let loose the hounds of iCloud, and got this odd double spacing...
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    Anyone here planning to switch from iPad 3 or 2 to the Mini?

    If I could find out for sure whether the mini/Verizon will function as a hotspot, I'll add one to our stable of "devices."
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    Newb Facetime Questions

    I have an icon lost in transit, too. Restrictions are off on my iPad2. I know I can access it from the search page, but I'm greedy, and want my icon back!
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    iPad2 sound doesn't work without the earphones/headset

    Is there someplace I can post "hallelujah" in thanks for this post? I'm on my way to cancel a Genius Bar appointment! Bless you, chilluns.
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    Losing contacts when adding new

    Details, please.
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    iCloud backup problem

    Now 1917 EDT. Went to Settings>iCloud>Backup (for the 95th time, I think), turned it on and received joy. It asked me for my password, then volunteered to back me up! It says it's estimating time remaining, but from the progress bar, I suspect it's not designed to count that high. Well, first...
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    iOS5 releases October 12th as a free upgrade

    Those of you familiar with Cupertino scheduling, will the manual be released at the same time as the upgrade? I need something to read!
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    ITunes podcast download

    Tim & Twerppoet, thanks. I have the devil's own time getting search results here using IPF Forum for iPad. Seems odd. Edited to give Twerppoet the p I stole.
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    ITunes podcast download

    Is there any way to cancel a download in progress? IPad 2, 4.3.5.
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    portrait stand that allows charging?

    Griffin Technology has a couple of them. Google wave griffin iPad, for example.
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    Cracked the ipad screen, got a free replacement from the apple store

    I wonder if data backup is part of a customer competence test. I took my 4 year old MacBook to a genius, swollen battery. He checked that I'd registered it, asked the backup question, and gave me a new battery. No warranty involved. Super service.
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    Cracked the ipad screen, got a free replacement from the apple store

    For the sake of the employees, make an appt. An Apple Store can turn into a zoo in a heartbeat.
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    What is everyone doing that they can't seem to put down their iPads?

    FYI, I have Splashtop on Mac mini running 10.6.7, tied to this iPad2: MotherShip and Scotty. Splashtop runs on OS 10.6+.
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    What is everyone doing that they can't seem to put down their iPads?

    Mark, why do you not recommend Splashtop for the Mac? Or did I read it wrong? Splash top currently on sale in the App Store.
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    For those with wifi only versions of the ipad 2

    Reverse the concept, please. Is there any way a wifi+3G Verizon iPad2 can be used as a temporary hotspot? Hardware, software? I live in and travel to the boonies aforementioned.