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    Will Siri make it to iPad?

    Thanks for that. It clears up alot.
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    Will Siri make it to iPad?

    I don't have an iPhone 4S but have seen Siri being used on it. I think Apple needs to put it on the iPad. I thought all Apple mobile devices from the Touch on up, used the same iOS. But the iPhone 4S must have its own iOS since it has Siri. Also, wouldn't Siri be useful on the Mac too?
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    IPad Siri

    I have! What is the answer? Is there something special about Siri that is not compatible with iPad?
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    For those of you who DIDN'T have any problems upgrading to IOS 5.....

    How do you sync via wifi? I thought that would be via icloud.
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    Airplay to component stereo system

    Thanks to all for replying. Poser I think you have found what I was looking for. I will check it out. Thanks again, Vince
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    Airplay to component stereo system

    I use airplay often with my Apple TV for the TV. That is all fine and I love it! But I also have a great component stereo system that I would love to send my iPad music to. Does anyone know of device like the Apple TV but made for audio system inputs? Thanks, Vince
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    iTunes Rearranged all my apps

    I have tried to do that but didn't get anywhere. I must be doing it wrong but iTunes HELP didn't help me here.
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    iTunes Rearranged all my apps

    I had all my apps in folders just the way I wanted them until I connected my iPad to iTunes on my pc. Itunes went through its steps (I never really know what ita doing.) and when it was all done my apps were no longer in any folders and the shuffeled across several pages. It took me an hour or...
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    iOS 5- what would you like to see for iPad?

    I ditto most of these, especially need to rework the photo app so we can easily organize photos the way we want them. Why can't we have Apple TV put everything on our TV?
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    Web based e-mail accounts in 4.2

    I have other web based e-mail accounts besides Yahoo but I don't understand how to "add" them in with my Yahoo account in the Mail App. Has anyone been able to do it? Or is it even possible?
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    Apple's Print Solution

    Air Print via wireless lan So I'm now confused about this air print in 4.2. I understood the fact that the iPad Air Print will only work with the listed HP wireless printers. But then someone posted that it will also work with a wireless printer on a wireless LAN. Well I have a wireless...
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    Podcast playing too fast

    This problem was solved by a sales guy at the Apple store and he just stumbled upon the fix by playing with it while playing one of the podcasts. He found that they were running at 2x speed which is selectable once the control screen is called up. It turns out that the choices are 1/2x, 1x and...
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    Podcast playing too fast

    Today my podcast playback is too fast. The speakers sound like they have had way too much cafine! I never had this problem before today. It does it with old and recent downloads alike. Yet my music seems to play normally so its unique to the podcasts. Last night I downloaded several...
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    iTunes vs iPad Photos

    Thanks to all on this thread for the info. You have helped me and others that also jumped in. Thanks again!
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    iTunes vs iPad Photos

    Hi, I have loaded several photos onto my iPad directly from my camera. No problem there, but now I am wondering what will happen when I connect my iPad to my pc with iTunes since those photos our not in my iTuens library?