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    Thanks for that. I'll take a look. Much appreciated.
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    Hi there to all you talented musical folk, I wonder if you could help me. I have recently taken up guitar and I must confess that it doesn't come naturally. I find it very difficult to pick out the guitar rhythms out from songs that I try to learn to play. What I was wondering is, is it...
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    Ipad 2 / Speed Test

    Thanks Lunar. I've tried my MacBook pro wired and things speeded up a bit so that must be it.
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    Using Malaysian iPad in UK

    I bought my iPad 2 in Malaysia. Had no problems with it anywhere.
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    Ipad 2 / Speed Test

    Sorry to jump on this thread but Lunar mentioned something that I have been trying to find an answer to. Hem entwined he was getting 15mb down but 18.5mb when wired. Is this normal? I get about 10 wired and only 6.5 on my iPad. Strangely enough I also seem to get better speeds wirelessly on a...
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    Bluetooth headset

    I've just bought the Jabra Wave+. A bit pricey at £40 but brilliant. Comfy, great sound, syncs with 2 devices at the same time and even works spot on with Skype video calls. Can't fault it.
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    Skype and the ongoing headset question.

    No, still not heard anything. I'm have to try them again.
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    iMessage Link iPad to iPhone

    I've been having this problem with mine since 5 came out. My messages don't mirror. They do if I start a conversation on my iPad but not from my phone. I don't think this will be sorted until Apple fix the snag where conversations from 2 different devices appear as 2 people in the message lists.
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    ipad2 software not updating

    Glad to be of assistance
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    Missing something?

    Ok sorry. 0.6mm. I doubt many cases are that precisely made but I do stand corrected. Thank you.
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    Missing something?

    Am I? All I see at the moment is adverts for cases for the new iPad, but as far as I can see on the apple website it is externally exactly the same as the iPad 2!!! Dimensions exact and all he buttons the same? Do these manufacturers think we're all mugs?
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    Cant update ipad2 to ios5.1

    Check the 'software not updating' thread above.
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    ipad2 software not updating

    Loads of people including me had this problem. To fix it go to your wifi settings. Click on the blue arrow next to your connection then look for the DNS entry. Delete what is in there and type in then hit the back button. Try the software update again and it should work. The DNS...
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    Ipad 2 now charges from iphone charger!!??

    Didn't know there was any difference. I've lost one, not sure which :-D so have to use the remaining one for both.
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    Skype and the ongoing headset question.

    Thanks all. I spoke to Jabra (UK) today and they are going to get back to me in a few days after they run some tests. I'll let you know what they have to say.