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  1. rwsimon

    Screen rotation issue

    Real resolution of rotation problem I too had the problem of the mail app no longer rotating in the iPad after installing an OS update. Resetting the iPad did fix it temporarily, but the problem always came back. I talked to Apple about it and they suggested that the problem was due to some...
  2. rwsimon

    Best ipad 2 protective case?

    Just received the Macally Bookstand 2G for my new iPad 2. It's lightweight, works as a stand in the same fashion as the Smart Case (the front is similar to the Smart Case), but protects the back of the iPad. It's also pretty low-priced. Worth a look: BOOKSTAND2G Macally Peripherals
  3. rwsimon

    Apple online sold out for 2-3 weeks

    To answer those asking why I didn't just go into a store and buy one, I used American Express reward points for a chunk of the price, so I had to go through their system (which ties in to the online Apple Store.) I placed my order around 8 am EST, but I don't think it actually got into the...
  4. rwsimon

    Apple online sold out for 2-3 weeks

    My order for a 64gb wifi is scheduled to ship on April 1 and deliver on April 6. So Apple online orders are now 4 weeks to delivery. :(
  5. rwsimon

    The 4.2 Update killed my iPAD - Need help

    To answer people about the problems I had with installing 4.2, I was using OSX, not Windows. So problems are not just limited to Windows users. Things seems ok now except that my iPad Mail app now is stuck in one orientation. It won't rotate no matter how I turn the iPad. For everything...
  6. rwsimon

    The 4.2 Update killed my iPAD - Need help

    I too had problems with installing 4.2. It performed a mysterious and very prolonged backup after the install and then hung up in the verification, crashing iTunes. After various unsuccessful attempts to fix things with the help of Apple, I ended up doing a full restore and it turned out that...
  7. rwsimon

    Watch FLASH Videos On Your iPhone, iPod Touch, And iPad

    Doesn't matter. It's no longer available from the App Store.:(
  8. rwsimon

    OS 3.2.1 is out!!

    Update improves YouTube greatly.
  9. rwsimon

    iPad Case Reviews

    I got the Macally Bookstand case to replace the Apple case. I liked the Apple case in the way it functioned (3 ways to prop up the iPad, etc.) but don't like the black material that shows every smudge all the time. It also completely obscures the iPad other than its screen. The Macally...
  10. rwsimon

    Screen protector without the bubbles?

    I installed the ZAGG on my iPad. There were quite a few bubbles present when I did the install. But the directions claimed that all the bubbles would disappear after a couple of days because of the properties of the material. That's exactly what happened. After two days, there were...
  11. rwsimon

    No Glare Screen Protector

    I have not found the Zagg to interfere with the touchscreen functionality or affect the display. The texturing does reduce glare somewhat by diffusing some of the incident light. The film also has a slightly tacky or rubbery feel which I don't mind at all. I guess some people don't like that.
  12. rwsimon

    No Glare Screen Protector

    As a follow-up, two days later the bubbles indeed disappeared on their own. If you are finding fingerprints to be a real annoyance on the iPad, then the Zagg shield is worth considering. I was wiping off the screen all the time before. Now I hardly ever do it.
  13. rwsimon

    No Glare Screen Protector

    I just installed a Zagg Shield on my iPad after trying an eBay cheapy for several weeks. I found the cheap shield to be intolerable with respect to fingerprints. it seemed like it was getting harder and harder to remove them. The Zagg has a slightly textured surface. It diffuses glare...
  14. rwsimon

    Word Documents

    If you open the document in Pages, it is automatically saved in the app's documents "folder". Any changes you make from then on are saved as well. If you want to retrieve the document for use elsewhere, you can export it as a Word document in an email or retrieve it in iTunes on your computer...
  15. rwsimon

    Carrying Bag

    This thing is not a case. It's a shoulder bag to carry the iPad in. I have the Apple case, which seems like it should provide enough protection for the screen. It is pretty rigid. I just wanted something to tuck the iPad into when I'm out and about with it since it doesn't quite fit in a...