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  1. rudeman

    Report Leaks Pretty Much All There is to Know About the iPad Air 2

    Very excited. All we need to know now is pricing. Hopefully $500 or less for 32gb model. Very glad to hear we will get passbook so we can use Apple Pay. However I prefer the iPad Mini. Hoping it will have most of the same features as iPad Air especially Touch ID.
  2. rudeman

    Thinking About Getting An iPad Mini

    I had a regular iPad but made the switch to mini. The mini is just better. I tried going back to the regular iPad but I felt it was too heavy. It felt like a dinosaur. Glad I made the switch. And that one guy is right I would wait for the new iPad which will probably be announced in...
  3. rudeman

    Hbo go

    I would delete the app then try reinstalling. That should take care of it.
  4. rudeman

    Post your Pet

    The photo before of my dog is my lock screen pic.
  5. rudeman

    Post your Pet

    Here's a pic of our English Bulldog Benji. He just turned one year.
  6. rudeman

    Holding off buying iPad mini for mini 2

    Yes. I believe the new iPads will be released this April. So I would wait till next month to buy a new iPad.
  7. rudeman

    iPad owners average age

    Turned 50 in November. I think like a kid.
  8. rudeman

    How many apps have you installed on your iPad?

    I've 807 apps and counting. Have around 120 installed on ipad at the moment.
  9. rudeman

    Noob to the forums - just got first iPad

    Congrats with your new ipad. I know you will like it very much. 32gb is a good size. If u travel much and like to watch movies you might need a larger ipad. Good Luck.
  10. rudeman

    anyone trade the mini for the ipad 4 and regret it?

    Bigger is usually better. I would not mind if Apple came out with a larger iPad. More screen size the better. At the same time i am very happy with the ipad 4.
  11. rudeman

    Official iPad Owners List

    Have an iPad 64 gb 4th generation. Love it. Never let go of it.
  12. rudeman

    16GB or 32GB?

    Buy as much as you can afford. Bigger is almost always better. I have the 32 GB iPad 4 model. I will definitely be getting the iPad 5 possibly the 128 GB WiFi model. Hope new Ipad comes out this Spring.
  13. rudeman

    Share Audio Books

    Looking to share or exchange audio books. Does any one know how to easily remove the DRM from audio books.
  14. rudeman

    New Speakers

    I saw these real cool ipad and ipod speakers in a magazine which I can't recall where I saw them. Want to buy them. Has anyone seen these speakers? They work by attaching to any object and then vibrate giving you sound. Work great sticking it to a cereal box, paper etc.
  15. rudeman

    How many hours your ipad is used.

    Use it at least 4 hours a day